Sunday, December 20, 2009

Okay lets make haste people!

This post isn't going to be one of my long posts. I just have a message to pass across and I am going to be quick about it.
Okay, that actress Brittany Murphy? You know i have not seen any of her movies but I have seen her beautiful face on E! more than a dozen times. She just died! And she was just thirty two!
Yeah, she wouldn’t be the first. I heard you loud and clear though I must be a million miles away but something about her death struck me. And hard too. I didn’t know people that young could get cardiac arrest! I thought it was something old people's tired hearts get. But sweet, talented, beautiful and young! Brittany's heart just stopped.

Hey girls, I don't know what it is in your life that you have been waiting for some bell to ring somewhere to make you do something. I wouldn't wait for that bell no more. Be quick about it because darling, the time is now. I don't have time to go into what it might be. Anything positive. Anything to improve yourself. Anything to make you a better person. Just do it and do it now because lets face it, life just got shorter.

No, it is not fear of death. And no, the African girl is not paranoid. I just realized that we all want to be remembered for good when we die. And by people who will have good things to say about us. And we don't have to be famous to make that happen. So let’s move it!

Happy holidays!!

Lily Johnson


  1. So true! People need to learn from these they're not just another statistic where someone says, "Oh, that's a shame."

    There's always a lesson in there...and you've found it!

  2. I was a little shocked when I heard that news as well...
    Who knows what was going on, but it just made me sad.

    There IS a positive to it, hopefully it makes us remember that we need to 'live', because you just never do know when the bell rings and your time is up.

    ENJOY your day!

  3. Well said! Time is short-make every breath count.

    Time is our biggest commodity, we should spend it wisely!

    Have a great Holiday!

  4. Yeah enjoy your holiday ladies and thanks for your comments. Nancy and Marg, thanks for following me.


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