Monday, December 28, 2009

Spa - Some Precious time Alone

Ah life does have its ups. And then it has some crazy downs. Don’t you get that feeling that some things just happen to just make you loose your mind? They happen and you just get psycho for a wee while and then get over it. Lucky you girl, believe me a lot of people especially women are in psychiatric wards all over the world because something they just couldn’t handle happened and something snapped. And sweet, beautiful and caring Jane became that red-eyed and foaming in the mouth woman in a cage.

My boyfriend lost his father about some months ago. The man was very nice to me and I liked him too. He was one those people you couldn’t help but like a lot. He was handsome, had a great sense of humor, and equally a great passion for life. The man knew how to have fun. It shocked me straight to the bones when I heard that he suddenly slipped into a coma and died a few hours later.
Suddenly, the man I loved became bereaved and painfully so because for a while he was in denial. He consoled everyone and didn’t accept any consolation. He could handle it. Yeah right. I knew him like the back of my hand so I knew that inside, he was hurting badly and that just killed me again and again. My man has recovered now. He started talking about it a week later and poured out all the things he had suppressed in his heart for days. It’s going to be okay.

I had my own pain. I didn’t tell him that I cried every night because I have always had the vision of how our wedding would be and an important personality in that vision just….died. I used to see him dancing with me and telling me how I would bear strong sons and beautiful daughters…I guess fate had its own plans.

Sometimes life just throws crazy things at us. Name it; betrayal, heart breaks, nasty surprises, love gone bad situations, death of loved ones, disappearance of good friends….oh! How does a girl handle it? How?

Well, some wise old woman said to me “Cry little one. Cry and don’t stop until you feel your body telling you that it’s okay. And do it while you are alone. Sounds weird but it really is therapeutic. And don’t forget your sun glasses when your leave the room for the streets. Those big and bold ones that are fashionable though they hide half of your face (do you honestly want anyone to see that?) And use some lip gloss too because your lips would be all they are seeing and it’s got to look good.
Then go and shop for some aromatic oils, perfumed candles and rose petals. If you can’t afford these, then get some incense sticks (look for those ones with rose or lily fragrance) and cheap regular candles. Get home, put off the light, have a luxurious bath with candles and alluring scents in the air. Play some cool music in the background. Close your eyes and let some Jazz soothe your mind. It’s going to be okay. You would learn from your mistakes in love and friendship. You would cherish those people you know that care a lot about you. You would accept the fact that death is inevitable. You have to be strong because there are people that need you and Miss Girl, you need you too!

Watch some of those hilarious comedy flicks and get a good laugh. You need to release those tense muscles. A little drink might help. Hey! Don’t binge and don’t become an alcoholic overnight. Just a glass of wine would do.
Then try to get some quality sleep. Use some eye cream for those tell tale dark circles around your eyes. Use the eye patch too.

Life continues girlfriend so you have to move on. Smile as often as you can afford to. Cry when you really have to. And have fun at every given opportunity because lets face it, life is damned too short!



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your man's dad! And so quickly....that makes it even harder to bear! I'm glad he's talking about it now...that's so important to get it out.

    I go thru periods where I'll burst into tears right before I fall asleep....I find it very cathartic.


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