Saturday, November 14, 2009

And for some entertainment....

I write short stories and I am going to post some of them here for you to read. You must have heard a thousand times that you have a special gift. I assure you that you do my dear. Some of us are just too lazy or busy to discover what it is that God has deposited in us. It really doesn’t matter when you discover it but do try to when you can do something about it.

I started writing at the age of seven. Then, I wrote fairy tales. As I got older, I began to write romantic stories. Some magazines have published my stories in the past and I go paid for it too. Now, I write stories of all genres.

The title of this story is “I and Myself”. I honestly don’t know what genre it belongs to but I have submitted it to a magazine before under the horror genre. I will post this story in two parts so you are about to read the part one. Enjoy!



I was alarmed when I opened my eyes. When did I sleep off? My journal was still beside me but the bed side lamp was off. I started getting up but I couldn’t. It was like a heavy bag was on my chest. I struggled to get up and shout but I couldn’t and no sound came out of my mouth. I struggled harder and finally got up. I felt light as if I could fly. I stood up on my bed and looked around; the whole room was very dark. The windows were open but the moonlight wasn’t penetrating into the room. I found that strange. I turned to put on the bedside lamp and screamed. I was starring at my own body still lying on the bed. My eyes were open and looking directly at me. I tried to scream again but no sound came out. My body on the bed stirred and the mouth opened. In a flash, I jumped out of the bed and ran across the room to switch on the light. I couldn’t feel my heart pounding. I felt that I must be dreaming until my body got up from the bed and started walking towards me. I wanted to run again but I couldn’t. My feet were glued to the floor somehow. This couldn’t be happening to me. When my body approached me, it was smiling. It was like looking in the mirror. My large brown eyes starred back at me
“Are you scared?” It asked
“I am dreaming”, I said in a voice I couldn’t hear but my body apparently did
“No. You are not .You are only experiencing what you should have a long time ago”.
“You are me”
My body laughed. It was a carefree, sing song sound that was very familiar. It belonged to me.
“You haven’t noticed?” It asked, “You are the spirit and I am the body”
“Take a look at the mirror Lisa”, It walked towards my wardrobe and I followed suit like I was under some kind of trance. It opened my wardrobe to reveal the mirror that was nailed to the door on the side. It smiled and pointed at the mirror.
‘Take a look”
My legs were wobbling as I walked to the mirror. As I stood before it, I closed my eyes
and whispered, God help me! What on earth would I see? An animal? A monster?

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  1. Wow! What an intense story! It gave me shivers!

    I wonder what happens next?


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