Friday, October 2, 2009

A girl's best friend

Somebody thinks I am talking about diamonds right? Sorry to disappoint you sweetheart but I am talking about something that is alive, has hair and makeup on to a T (not always though) and talks right back when talked to.

I met my best friend Steph ten years ago through my younger sister who had met her in church. She brought her home and whispered “She sings too” to an exhausted and red eyed me. I had been writing all day. The first thing you noticed about her before you even saw her was her accent. She had a British accent and she hadn’t even been to the UK once.

We discovered that we had a lot in common; age, height, creativity, feminism (we just believe that women should be treated with utmost respect every time and every where. Period.) and the love for fashion and beauty.
We also had the same passion for music and writing. We are both aspiring musicians and while she is a performance writer; writing tons of scripts for movies and drama, I write short stories articles and novelettes. I am still working on the novel I intend to publish.
Even though I have a few friends, Steph is my only friend. She is the one I can tell basically anything and everything. Being a very sensitive person (she might have issues with the ‘very’), I sometimes need someone that would talk some sense into me when I over react and Steph is equal to that rather near impossible task.

I am not going to use the whole page to talk about the rare kind of friendship that I have with Steph but I am going to tell you that having a single loyal friend who cares about you and would go to the ends of the earth with you is far better than having a lot of friends that would do nothing but brag about their six figure salaries, overflowing jewelry boxes and how your house is in desperate need of a make over even when they know you are a struggling writer who is yet (but praying fervently) to get a juicy contract. They tell you about parties that you don’t have the kind of clothes to attend and introduce you to men that you don’t have the patience to date (Hello! I am Mark Denver, a banker like you have never known or seen. And I make tons of money. Is that couch of yours a hand-me-down from your grandmother? I am the man you have been waiting for. Let me prove that to you by buying you a bracelet from Tiffany….Oh God no! )
With just one best friend, you can share your secrets and know who is responsible when an acquaintance suddenly asks you if you’ve still got the thrush.
Besides it is much easier to pour your heart out to one person than to address a bunch of people.

I and Steph laugh together, cry together, hurl stones at the heart breakers we meet together and curse our misfortunes together. She knows how many jeans I’ve got (the colours, the ones that are too tight, the one that has a patch in a place no one will ever know…). I know the things she could afford and the things she would never buy even if she was an Arabian princess. (Silicone boobs! Watching Dr 90210 on E! has been both frightening and very discouraging)

All these years, we have had our fair share of ups and downs, screaming sessions and cat fights! (We were immature and stupid) but I would never ask for a better best friend.

But if you are thinking of giving me a sparkling diamond set, I might seriously think about it. (Wait till she hears this!)

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