Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So you want to lose weight?

Yeah, yeah, you have been told by everyone in the world that you are FAT. Those who care about you have said the same thing using nicer words and encouraging you to do something about it. Maybe you’d like to try something or maybe not. Maybe you are living in denial and again maybe not.

So what do you want to think about yourself?….
Okay your BMI doesn’t say you are slim. Your friends are talking endlessly about weight loss programs. Your co-workers attach the word ‘big’ to whatever they have to say about you then there are other people like people you sit beside in buses and trains, your mother in-law, your boss, your shrink…these people may have unkind things to say sometimes. Or maybe not

Listen my dear; the opinion of the entire galaxy is just secondary. No one on earth should be swayed by what people think about him (or her). You should look deep into yourself and find out what you think about yourself. Believe me; you don’t need hours of counseling to discover that. Just look at yourself dispassionately and say what you see. After all, you are the one living in your skin.

The moment of truth is here! Are you ready? You would need these:
A pen and a paper
A full length mirror
Your favorite casual wear, dinner wear, work wear, night wear and if you swim; swim wear
Your critical thinking mind

Wear these clothes one by one and observe yourself carefully and critically but don’t be too hard on yourself. Just write what you see. Please do not look at the clothes, look at the body wearing them. I bet you’ve never really observed yourself in a full length mirror before going to work or before going out with your close friends. Yeah, when you’re going out for a dinner party, you could spend hours before a mirror trying to find the right dress but I bet you never did it with a pen and paper!
So does your body flatter those clothes? You know, does your body look attractive in those clothes?
Or do you just wear drab and unfashionable clothes?! Why for God’s sake?


Okay, okay…so do you think you are fat and pathetically so? Do you think that those clothes are just for covering for you and never to make a fashion statement? Or do you think you are just a little overweight and you are just fine with it? You just need to update your wardrobe with more fashionable clothes and key into the ‘phat’ culture?

Girl, make up your mind because you are about to take on a harder task. Alright.
Now take off your clothes. Everything. Remember don’t be too hard on yourself. Believe me nobody is flawless. People just love themselves and try hard to keep in shape. Others of course visit plastic surgeons.
Now stare at the mirror closely and write what you think about your face, arms, boobs, stomach, thighs and legs. It is not an easy feat I know but it is something you have to do.
Now wear your clothes and go out for some fresh air. With the paper and pen in hand. Sit and take a deep breath. Good. Now try to summarize what you have written. Remember the words are your own and you want to establish reality.

So what do you think about yourself now that you have seen yourself? That is the big question.
If after what you have seen, YOU GENUINELY FEEL YOU LOOK OKAY and believe that YOU ARE NOT IN DENIAL and you are HAPPY with your appearance and believe that your weight is not (or should not be) a source of worry to people that care about you unless (or until) there is a health problem involved; then sweetheart, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to loose weight. And if you have to do it, it should be when you decide to do it. No pressure at all!!

But if the first reaction when you saw your naked body in that mirror was a cringe, if you looked at the cellulite on your thighs and belly with horror, if the way you look makes you want to puke, if you are always insecure or just got insecure after looking at yourself in that mirror, if you wear clothes to desperately hide yourself, if because of your weight you don’t want to go out and have fun with your friends, your relationship is suffering because of your low self esteem and you think you are just going to die of weight-related health problems; girl you just have to get on a weight-loss program! And fast!
Have a fabulous week..

Lily Johnson
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