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Dear Woman: To age gracefully, you need more than expensive anti-aging creams.

My guest writer Sonia Crystella, an Australian based skin care enthusiast did me the honour of sharing her thoughts on anti-aging, anti aging products and general skin care. 

Here is her piece...

In the near future more people will realize how we need a combination of body, mind and soul connection to age well. All the Botox, face lifts and expensive skin creams don’t work unless you are fuelling your body with super foods and high quality supplements.
As you know ECOCERT doesn’t guarantee all ingredients in products are organic so we need to be careful of GMO additives in skin care. Several years ago, I discovered some of the skins tightening creams make the skin less elastic, for whatever reason when you stop, the skin become worse than it was before.

 I have been studying anti-aging since I was 21. The reason for this is that I was born sick, so at 21, I stopped meat sugar and alcohol.
Every one’s DNA is different. You notice some people have no wrinkles but terrible bodies, or visa versa. The skin care market has become more about money than what is best for the body although I must say that some companies strive to formulate the perfect product.

Sonia is 56 years old! Wow! Looking good really.

At different stages of aging, your skin responds in different ways. It recovers better when you’re young this is why many products work for a while, but as you get older unless you have fuelled your body with nutrition and love, the skin care stops working  at the same level.
26 years ago I was a guinea pig for the supplement COQ10. This is the best anti aging nutrient and toner when applied to the skin, but!! MOST don’t work because of the way they have been manufactured. I was reading some blogs on skin care reviews and one woman stated that some companies use twenty year old models for anti-aging products. People are not stupid. They want to get value for their money they want to see what really works.

I have learnt that the love in one’s heart is not enough to halt ageing. People can visualize all they like but what people really need is a combination of good nutrition, love and meditation and no matter how much stress you have in your life, you have to let it go

Last year, I interviewed a Dr for my book about TA65. It is the latest breakthrough {so they say }in longevity. It repairs the Telomeres and comes from the herb Astragalus. I have taken this herb for years, but they say the herb doesn’t work because it has to be from a certain variety and this is hugely expensive. Last week I watched a documentary on it, at the end they were trialling a combo of meditation, exercise and supplements. The funny thing was the Doctors looked old. It is a wonderful product but most can’t afford it.

 Anti-aging comes from a commitment to body mind and soul. Most people look for quick fixes. There are no short cuts. You must do the hard work, otherwise when you start going through hormonal changes, your body will show the years of abuse and addictions to sugar alcohol and chemicals in foods.

Speaking of products, Rosehip is still one of the best night time repairer. It is so simple but yet very effective. I go on to try other products anyway. I guess it is the human in us.
I am presently testing Okura sweet pea, it is an organic product made in Australia. The company doesn’t know this, but I do it independently, for my benefit.

I can say Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a brilliant product as well as the French skin care line Avene; especially for sensitive skin.

 But remember without nutrition and meditation you will never achieve your highest potential.

All the best.


**Sonia does not represent any company. All she said was based on her study and personal experience.

So nutrition, meditation and anti aging products that actually work it is people. Thank you Sonia! 

Happy New month to you all and have a fabulous weekend.

Lily Johnson
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  1. Meditation...what does she mean by this?

    Or rather what type of meditation, and meditating on what?

    1. To me meditation is a personal thing. You can just find quiet time to just be by yourself in peace. It doesn't have to be one weird arrangement. Just find a quiet time to clear your head, let out the negatives and remember the positives.

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