Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trends that rocked 2012 [Fashion and Beauty]

Now this is my own opinion and what I saw which I am sure most of us did. Ladies went ‘gaga’ on these trends and I wonder if they would continue next year. Anyway, we know how these things work. New year, new trends.

#1. Pink lips [plus or minus the pout]: All of a sudden, pink lipstick, lip stain and lip gloss became essential commodity. 90 percent of the ladies you saw on the streets had a generous amount of ‘pink’ on their lips. Girls even got permanent pink lips. I am still not sure how that works but someone told me about it in a market. The pink lip thingy does look good when properly done. Really pretty actually. I have a couple of pink lips things myself. But when a sister is walking down the road with a tub of pink lip gloss on her lips, errr no. But we do see this sometimes anyway.

  #2. Stylish head wraps: I loved seeing this. Some ladies just know how to get it right. Various colours and styles of head wraps were worn with almost anything. Bad hair days were hidden stylishly. 

#3.  Colour blocking/ Neon Colours: No, it didn’t go away. In fact, it came back strong and doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. Who knows though.


#4. Peplum: Gorgeous peplum dresses, tops and skirts. Love them. There seems to be a peplum for everyone and ladies rocked them well.


 #5. Big and chunky accessories: Saw a whole lot of that. Ladies ditched their tiny gold necklaces for bolder accessories that came in different colours.


 #6. Sky high wedges: Wedges became even higher and had colours that wowed. 


 #7. The huge topknot inspired by Beyonce: Was I the only one that saw that ladies had their braids in top knots this year? Salons even began to charge to pack the hair up! Lol. This didn’t look good on some faces I must say.


 #8. Transparent chiffon tops: These came in various colours and paired mostly with denim.


Do share the trends you rocked this year whether they are on this list or not. I would like to know.

Season’s greetings everyone and happy holidays!

Lily Johnson


  1. I always liked the pink lips. I love when lipstick contrasts skin perfectly, and brings out truly well defined lips.

    1. Yes. It does look fab if properly done.

  2. I sure know about the peplums.. its about the only thing ladies wear now.

    - LDP

  3. That pink on Rihanna looks lush!! And I adore peplum cuts. very flattering for slender shapes ;)
    I'm the last person to know whats in vogue lol.


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