Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Loving these at the moment

These are some items that I’m loving at the moment. I want some of them for Christmas and I’m expecting that all my friends and family would read this post and go shopping knowing they would get shrills of excitement from me. Yes o!

#1. This dress

Now, I put up this particular picture so I can lay emphasis on the type I want; the fabulous knee length dress on Alicia Keys. I don’t exactly like the shorter version of it. I think this dress is gorgeous. Or maybe it’s just Alicia. Lovely!

#2. Nokia Lumia 900

Adverts on TV make you sometimes want ever so badly what you might not even need. I got sold when I saw the ad of Nokia Lumia on TV. The part where the guy actually took it out of a bag of flour and washed it did it for me. I’m one of those people that go into the kitchen with my phone so that I do not miss an email. So, with this, ‘accident proof’ phone, life would be a lot easier.

#3. Valentino Rock 'n Rose couture perfume
I was sitting beside this woman in a meeting and I thought she smelt really beautiful. I totally love perfumes so I asked her and she told me it was Valentino Rock ’n Rose Couture. I just loved the rose notes. It wasn’t over powering or made you wonder if she fell into a rose bush. Something nice a classy woman should add to her collection.

#4. This makeup box

The colour is just so pretty and this makeup artist loves it!

Have a fabulous week people.

Lily Johnson
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  1. I love the dress and I have been eyeing the Lumia since I saw it with a friend in italy.

    1. Yes, yes and yes. Beautiful dress, nice looking phone.

  2. I like the longer version of the dress as well. Love how it give the female form more lines to follow. As far as the phone, I'm an iPhone user, and making it 'accident proof' is just an Otter Box away.

    1. I agree with you on the dress. Not an Iphone user so I still want the Lumia. [big grin]

  3. Love the perfume so much, is it reaally smells like falling into the rose bush? Too thick the smell is not that comfortble, do you have any light smell perfume to recommend?

  4. Lol...what a wishlist...have u sent Santa a mail yet? And like they say, have you been a good girl to get these?

    You're right about your choice of that dress...the shorter one kind of looks like a naughty version of the longer one.

    1. Yes, I have been and Santa better give me my goodies. Lol. I love the longer one really. Classy.

  5. I see you are a regular fashionista!

  6. I love the dress on Alicia(loves that lady to bits)..wish i had the body to carry it tho. #letmeadmireitonothers

    Great list love. Oya your bit!


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