Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random thoughts and so on..

I just had my first body scrub at home and ever. Eww! Right? Well, I love experimenting with beauty products and just love make up and stuff but somehow, all these years, I just hadn’t gotten around to scrubbing my entire body. I see body scrubs displayed when I go shopping but it just never occurred to me. I don’t even know why it did this time. I read in a blog about home made beauty stuff on how to make your very own body scrub and I tried it out. So I mixed sugar, honey, olive oil and coconut oil (The last wasn’t on the list but I saw my bottle of coconut oil and figured, what the hell) and I converted our small bathroom into a steam bath by covering the only window with a thick towel and placing a bucket of boiling water in the middle while I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. Wasn’t easy at all but the result was marvelous! My skin feels soft and smooth. I didn’t use the mixture on my face though.

I just finished watching Spartacus: blood and sand and was like wow! It was really terrible back then in Rome. And I liked Andy Whitfield, Spartacus himself. He is gorgeous! Then I found out that he had cancer and might not be available for the much awaited season 2. What!? I was hurt. Why did that have to happen? I wish him all the luck in the world that would put him among strong cancer survivors that are living to tell the story. He would forever be the only Spartacus I know. The real champion of Capua. Even if they get Brad Pitt to replace him. (I loved him in Troy though)

People are just gaga about this corn rows! I get compliments everywhere I go. To think that I didn’t even tell my hair dresser anything. I just sat down on her chair and said, ‘I trust you would make me look good’. And voila! She made me look wonderful.

Why on earth am I suddenly having a crush on Usher? I mean come on! I am a grown woman and I shouldn’t still be having crushes. I absolutely adore his new tracks: OMG, There goes my baby and others that I don’t even know their titles. He seems all grown up to me now. And quite appealing.


It is taking me ages to finish my nameless novel. It is a story about a girl that got married to this US based guy only to find out that the guy’s ex who was an older woman was still hung up on him though the guy had told her it was over. The infuriated woman began to wreck havoc on the young man spiritually and it turned into a series of events that was as shocking as it was intriguing. I hope I finish it soon. It is not easy to be a writer at all. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, stare at my writings and feel like weeping. I submitted a short story to one African magazine website and was told that everyone was running to witches and herbalists for the solution to their problems. I looked down at the editor’s name at the bottom of the e mail and he was from my side of Nigeria though he and his company are based in the UK. When a person is terribly sick here and the doctors have done everything they can but to no avail, the people are advised to seek other means and since this is Africa, we go back to our roots. My story was even set in a village and yet I was told that by a fellow country man. Thank God I have been published by a well known soft sell magazine before. I would have thought I was a hopeless writer. Anyways, I hope to finish my book.

I got to wear dresses and skirts more often. All I wear is jeans trousers. Except when I am going to church. I have beautiful tops and shirts and stuff that I pair with my jeans. I think people are beginning to think that something might be wrong with my legs and I do have great legs. I just like being comfortable. In Lagos, you have to take bikes to your destinations and I don’t want to be giving people free ‘peep shows’ each time I get on and off a bike. Still, I should get dresses and shoes to match and take a cab throughout the day. (The hole in my pocket would be the size of a small country and I hate being in traffic when I am in a hurry but I would try)

To those of you that followed me back, thanks! You guys are just cool.

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!

Lily Johnson.

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  1. He has cancer?....oh no!.....Amen to the prayers.

    Crush on usher....i bet you are not the only one o...*grinning*

    body scrub?...first time of hearing it...only facials.

    9ja editor?.... *laughs*.... always stereotyping!

    That's a good decision to wear jeans when boarding okada peep shows o jare...heheeheeee.

  2. @The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife: Thanks for the comment my dear. You can imagine, the 9ja editor said i was s good story writer but 'why was everybody running to a herbalist? Like is he kidding me? In a story set in a village? So i aint alone in the body scrub thing? Good to know.

  3. No eww o! Body scrubs are amazing. They do wonders like you noticed: your skin feels soft and smooth (almost like a baby's tush).

    He has cancer! That's so sad. Wow, i did not know that. I hope and pray he makes a speedy recovery.

    I wish i could relate with the Usher crush. Don't get me wrong, the brother is fine and talented but that's about it for me.

    Honestly, i sort of see where the editor is coming from. But i also see where you are coming from. But it's all good. keep up the grind with your writing. It'll pay off eventually. I would like to read the book.

    Haha, yup okadas and skirts do not mesh. Have a great rest of the week Lily.

  4. I just reread your post. I guess i skipped the set in the village comment. Wait so what the hell did the editor expect? Smcheew. Unless he's thinking that there should still be doctors in a village. Who knows his reasoning. Just take the constructive criticism in stride.

  5. @ShadeNonconformist: Thanks for the comment. I think i am listening to OMG a little too much. The story was set in a remote village o! I aint afraid to be criticized or even rejected but i just think these guys should sometimes believe in writers. I mean, we all can't be writing Mills and Boon kind of stories.

  6. Lovely hair LilyJ. It's always good to find a hair stylist you can trust with your hair isnt it?
    I'm not so much into series.but I do remember Kirk Douglas from the original Spartacus movie. I transferred the love to his son.
    Sorry about the reject. But you do know that's the travail of almost all published author hmm? keep on keeping'll find the publisher who falls in love at first read.

  7. The hair does look nice...makes me wanna make my hair.

    I'm sure he will survive the cancer...

  8. pl abbreviate my name to that your fingers won't pain you when typing the l-o-n-g words o! Thanks 4 stopping by.

  9. Your hair just looks phenomenal Lily - loving the cornrows!! :)

  10. Lily, I adored "Blood and Sand" and I was so upset when I found out that he is really sick. Such a beautiful man and talented too. Usher is too slick for me. I am not crazy about John Legend either. Lenny Kravitz? Oh yeah. I can deal.

    Your hair looks gorgeous, but then I think you would look gorgeous even bald!

    I'm glad you and my daughter Ginger are friends!

  11. Lily your hair is beautiful just like you! So hang onto that hairdresser! I will have to check out the body scrub. Sounds soothing.

  12. @Ginger: Thanks Ginger. I am so glad my best friend got i and the woman introduced. Haven't seen the original Spartacus movie Yeah, writing is all about the rejects and funny critics. Thanks for the heads up.

    @Nutty J: Thanks for the comment. I do pray he does survive. He is too cute a man.

  13. @NG: Thanks for that. I was thinking about that but you gave me a really short and cute one. And girl, i love your blog!

    @Cafe Fashionista: Thanks Erica dear. I feel like a hottie in it.

  14. Linda Medrano: Thanks for dropping by Linda. Andy is gorgeous and i pray he survives it. Well, i aint happy about the crush but whenever i hear "Baby let me love you down..there're so many ways to love you"(OMG) something weird happens to me. And Lenny is a sweet sweet man. Ginger is your daughter? I am honored!

    @Noe Noe Girl: Thanks dear. I am sticking with her cos she's good. Try the scrub dear. It is amazing!

  15. Body scrubs are yummy! I am a "mature' woman and men always tell me I have the softest skin they've ever felt and I credit it to body scrubs. Wonderful, lovely soft skin! So worth it!

  16. @Carol. Yes they are worth it! Thanks for the comment.

  17. I love your cornrows, I need to get my hairdresser to reproduce them on my head :-) and just continue on your writing grind if you believe in the quality of your work, not every editor will be for your type of writing - J.K Rowlings, Stephenie Meyer etc did get rejected a LOT of times before they finally got their works published - wishing you best wishes with the writing dear!
    I don't watch Spartacus cos its bloody (and I'm a scaredy cat, lol) but this Andy dude is beautiful! I wish him recovery from the cancer, amen
    Loving your blog!

  18. @Young Grumbler: Thanks for the comment dear and i love your blog too!

  19. @Young Grumbler: Thanks for the comment dear and i love your blog too!

  20. I do love your hair!! It looks great Lily :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  21. @Dee O. Thanks dear. I love it too.

  22. I never watched Spartacus before but it was so sad to read of his diagnosis. I hope that he will pull through.

    Your hair looks great!!

    Don't get discouraged about the book - stick with it and see it through to completion. You have talent!!

  23. I absolutely love you hair.. I am really scared of getting my hair done like that. Am scared of loosing my

    You look good. Keep it up.

  24. @Carma: Thanks for the comment. Spartacus is an interesting one i assure you. I pray he survives the cancer.

    @Seshe James: Thanks for the comment. I am one of those people that are blessed with good hair i guess. I dont have to be afraid of losing it.

  25. Listen to me now... Spatacus is the BEST show to ever come on TV period!
    He is getting better though and filming has been going on so he will be there for season two.

  26. Yay!!!!!!!!! Like seriously?!! I am so happy to hear that. All the celeb sites where busy saying he wont do it. Well, Hollywood like gen-gen sha! Thanks for the info.


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