Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A note on pearls.

Nature has provided us with such beautiful things. Mountains, lush forests, springs, beautiful caves to mention but a few. It also provided us with things to beautify ourselves with; of course everything you can think of has a natural background.

I am thinking more in the line of gemstones, precious stones, semi precious stones and pearls. And I just adore pearls!

Pearls are just breathtakingly beautiful. They do not have the ‘bling’ factor stones have but they certainly can hold their own ground. If pearls are correctly used to accessorize, one word comes to mind; classy. Other words could be ‘vintage’ and ‘sophistication’

Although the modern man is beginning to realize that he can wear pearls too, we know that it totally belongs to us. The only men that wore pearls and probably still do are Maharajahs and royalty.

We can’t really say that about gem stones.

Stay as beautiful as always!

Lily Johnson

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  1. I like pearls too! I think they are the embodiment of classiness in a gem! Big pearl earrings are always present in my jewelry stash :)

    make sure you check out my latest post!

  2. Barbara Bush could sport a stand of pearls. I dont think I've ever seen a photo of her without them on!

  3. My daughters birthstone is a pearl and I love it! I love buying her pearls because they are so beautiful.

  4. @Dee O: Thanks for your comment and off to your blog now.

    @Noe Noe Girl: Thanks for your comment. Why should she? They look good on her.

    @Carol: Yes they are Carol and your daughter is one lucky girl. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I adore pearls as well!
    Gorgeous post, darling!


  6. I absolutely adore pearls; though I simply do not wear them enough - I really must change that! There is something so elegant and charming about a strand of pearls!! :)

  7. @CoutureCarrie: Yes, they are so lovely! Thanks!

    @Cafe Fashionista: You have to Erica dear. And you are right about the elegance it exudes. Thanks!

  8. I have a set that my mom bought me in NYC for my college graduation present. I recently had them restrung and they still look gorgeous and classy...

  9. i love pearls, too. i think they're a great compliment to my skin. thanks for your comment - i'm following you as well :)


  10. Pearls are classy! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  11. Yep! I use freshwater pearls for my jewelry business (more affordable) and I love all the different colors! So pretty!

  12. i know what you mean about pearls, they are just so elegant and beautiful :)
    Olivia x

  13. @Carma: I so envy you right now. Pearls from your mum? Sweet gift! Thanks for the comment.

    @Kesi: It was a pleasure dear and thanks for the compliment and for following me.

    @Ribka: You are welcome Ribka. Thanks for the comment.

    @ChristinaLee: Jewelry making must be loads of fun. I love the different colours too. Thanks for the comment.

    @Olivia RPS: Thanks for dropping by and for the comment

  14. I adore that glow that you get from don't get that from any other string of anything around your neck!

    You've reminded me to pull mine out and show 'em off!


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