Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Doctor and the Boob

I was watching The Doctors on MNet series and I heard one of the doctors say that breast firming creams don’t work. You have to get surgery and he had this huge plastic boob with which he described how the nipple is moved from the rather embarrassing position it was to a higher position on the breast making it look perkier.

Jeez! I wanted to say “Sir, you gotta be kidding me. Now there are a dozen and one tablets and creams that are said to firm the breasts especially after breast feeding (tons of!) babies and most young women believe that they would put them to good use when the time comes. Especially those who are mortally afraid of the knife. I happen to be one of them.(Not to mention that I might not even afford it). So sir, are you saying that these companies are just out there to take the money straight from our purses, leaving some of us with the saggy boobs we started out with?”

Well, an aunt told me that a friend of hers used a breast enlarging and firming cream and after using two cups of cream and tablets, the breast just (in her own words) got strong. It was not bigger but it was no longer soft. Was that the result she wanted? She wasn’t sure.


What if the doctor is right? You know he may be ignorant of some of the ‘wonder’ products around with the ‘amazing’ ingredients that would go to the very core of the problem and ‘Voom’, whisk it away. But I have always believed that doctors are one of the most realistic people in the world. So may be what he is saying is that if you want results that you can see, touch and feel not to mention that you will have your new boobs in 3 weeks after the procedure, get surgery baby.

We want to stay hot forever. I know I do and there is no shame in that. The question is what length are we willing to go? It is your choice doll. Just think it through and just do what is necessary. Necessary!

Love yourself anyways.

Lily Johnson.


  1. I think that everyone has differing opinions regarding plastic/cosmetic surgery. In my mind, whatever makes one comfortable is the best choice. :)

  2. Cafe Fashionista: Thanks for the comment. Yes, i am scared of it but of course, if it is the only option and the person is okay with it, she/he can go for it.

  3. It's such a shame the way companies cheat people with all these products that don't even work!!! All everyone wants is money money money, they really don't care about the customer anymore! It's quite terrible actually. I feel that since we buy into all these miracle creams and medicines, we trick our bodies into believing it is working because all of our money is slowly going down the drain! I haven't tried breast firming lotion or anything, but I have tried other products for other problems and these products were EXPENSIVE so of course my mind is going to trick me into thinking that I didn't waste my money and that the product is actually working lol! But I am definitely not brave enough or rich enough to go under a knife so I guess I will just have to deal with myself the way I am :)

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  4. Hi Lily! Like you, I'm scared of breast surgery or any type of procedures, but whatever a girl wants for herself and her body, it's her choice. I agree, whatever she's comfortable with and whatever she thinks she looks good on, then go for it! Btw, thank you for visiting and following my blog. I like your blog too. You are a great writer! I've followed you as well. keep in touch! :)

  5. Dee O.: Thanks for the comment Dee. You are so right. Some of these manufacturers just don't care about us anymore. They just want to make profit.

    Janz: Thanks for dropping by. You just made my day.

  6. Love the moral of this story, darling!


  7. There are several things that I'd love to correct. A friend of mine who I would never suspect of having surgery - she didn't seem the type - had a breast lift. The more I see my saggy ones in the mirror - the more I could use it -- but I am against elective surgery because you just never know. I've heard too many horror stories. So I'll just sag away I guess!!

  8. Coming from a medical point I can assure you that those wonder creams are balderdash and inherently carcinogenic. Its just like rubbing cream on your feet to make you taller, it doesnt work that way. Boobs 'fall' after breast feeding due to loss of muscle tone cause of the weight of milk. no cream can bring that back. Exercise could help, good support from bras. Surgery is the surer way to perky-ness but the cons weigh toooo much.


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