Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Strolling back to the Original Garden are we ladies?

I am one of those people that believe that you should wear whatever you are comfortable in. Or whatever you think looks good on you. Because that way you will be confident and carry yourself well and of course this will make you look good. Somehow. And if it doesn’t, oh well, you at least pleased yourself.
Anyway, I don’t do a lot of dresses because I am not a dress person. I am a jeans/pants person. If you catch me in a dress, [or a skirt] then you are at a function with me. I am one of those ladies that would say ‘Halleluyah’ if I am invited to a wedding that I am not going to be any part of anything like the bridal train and stuff because I’m getting my pants ironed babe. [I know it is crazy and unheard of but I have a reason but still... ‘I don’t wanna go there’ *in Chris Brown’s voice] I am gradually changing though. Too many beautiful dresses out there.

Someone said my 'wings' were sprouting nicely. Loooool. With my hands down, the wings disappear though. #shrugs#

I honestly don’t know what is up with the rather revealing dresses ladies wear these days. I can’t say it enough that I am all for looking, being and feeling sexy but it shouldn’t be taken to the point where people are seeing the shape, size and colour of your privates. I am not saying it because I think you might be setting a bad example, or because I am on a sanctimonious row. No. If you are going to be photographed and seen by people, they are going to stop seeing whatever got you there in the first place which is always a good thing and start talking about your exposed body. And even see what is not there. With the near nude dresses we see these days, the original garden where Eve walked sans clothes is beginning to look like it has nothing on us.

These ladies got the bashing for these outfits of late.

Beverly Naya [I hear she is a very good actress and once watched her being interviewed. She spoke so well and even when the rather saucy TV person was trying to be smart with some irrelevant questions, she was cool. Handled it well.

Dencia. Singer

Oh well, to each his own though. I just don't like it when people trash a woman who is very talented or who is good at what she does because of stuff like this. Words like 'slut' 'trashy' begin to fly around. Not cool.

Have yourselves a lovely week people

Lily Johnson


  1. I feel the same way, darling!
    Love your look :)


    P.S. Just liked you on FB :)

  2. Nice article, people should be more circumspect.

  3. Hi. I really admire that you put your own opinions out there on your blog. It's not easy being so brave. Also, I agree that "trasy" and "slut" are not the correct words to use, when the person is so talented. People should stop focusing on the superficial and start focusing on a person's value - like what he or she has to offer the world.

    1. Exactly. People just look for a way to trash a talented person in the spotlight anyway. But sometimes we ladies need to leave something to the imagination. Thanks dear.

  4. Beverly's outfit is cool. Dencia's not so.
    I guess the thing is being able to separate a person from their fashion sense.
    That a person wears seemingly demure clothes doesnt make him/her a nicer/holier person than the person who wears curve hugging clothes.

    1. Beverly's outfit is a bit on the risque side but yes not too bad and probably didn't deserve all the comments about this outfit. And yes, because you wear 'Mary amaka' doesn't mean you are holy. I favor figure hugging clothes. I just believe we should leave some to the imagination.

  5. I guess they both crossed that thin line away from classy...

    I am so loving dresses too. I wasn't into them but now, i just can't get enough. Nice wings you have there and nope, they won't disappear with your hands down. Rock it girl

    P.S: Thanks for updating me. I've added your blog now *muah*


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