Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of butt pads and men who only want to replace their exes who never left in the first place.

I haven’t been here in a while because I just have too much going on in my life. Let me not bore you guys with the details. I hope you all get this update because for some strange reason, I think people no longer see my updates, the lovely Toinlicious complained about this too so I am hoping the problem doesn’t persist.

Someone asked me what I thought of butt pads and went ahead to say all sorts of negative stuff about women who wear them. How they are bad women with low self esteem and how they deceive men with their ‘artificial hips and bum’.

‘It is unfair!’ ‘It is ridiculous’. ‘Now I can’t even see a woman with sizeable hips without thinking ooh that might just be fake’

Hmmmm.... Dude needs to chill though. I was tempted to buy him a chilled Coke. That one litre bottle that has made its way back in Lagos traffic. At least by the time he was done with it.....

Anyway, what do I really think about hip and butt pads? I put them right where I put push up bras, spandex, artificial hair and full coverage foundation. I use the latter sometimes to cover up blemishes on my rather temperamental facial skin when necessary so I am not going to judge a girl that wants to fill up her jeans or skirt. Am I ever going to wear them? No. I don’t see why I should. Some people are going to say it means low self esteem, not accepting yourself the way you are and stuff. Oh well, that has been said about makeup and artificial hair. You do know you have a huge problem if you do not feel good about yourself but I don’t believe all the ladies who wear them have self esteem issues though. Like my brothers in the streets will say ‘All na wash’.

I heard that everybody has that ex they will never forget. Ok...  But when all you talk about is that ex, all you do is compare her the woman you claim you have an interest in, tell the woman you’re ‘toasting’ that if she doesn’t agree to be romantically involved with you, you will go back to that ex; please and please, is she still your ex? No bruv, you haven’t gotten over her and would probably cheat on any girl who becomes your girlfriend with her. It is really not cool to get into another relationship hoping that would make you forget about the last one. If you haven’t gotten over a person, it is in your best interest to do that before getting into another one. Saves everyone a whole lot of stress and heartache.

Yep. And if he says he is, he is a liar too.

Have a wonderful week ahead y’all. Kisses.

Lily Johnson


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