Thursday, July 4, 2013

Up close and not so personal with a gigolo

I believe I have met different kinds of people in my many years on this planet but until a few days ago, I don’t think I have ever been in the same space, breathing the same air with a man who goes about dating women who support him financially in exchange for sex or this false notion that they [the women want this] are in a ‘relationship’. You know to at least show her friends and the world that she might be of a certain age and stuff but she has a man in her life. They might be getting married, [living in denial or she’s doing a lot to keep this guy that obviously can’t be kept] and he’s doing well as a contractor [Ok oo]

How did I know what this guy was? Oh he pretty much gave himself away the minute he walked in. This tall, dark and handsome guy [Oh well, I’m being truthful] walked into a room where a number of women were seated and gave us all a look that blatantly said ‘Nah, I don’t need you ladies. You need me’.  Then of course, I heard his story. Goes about with a phony accent 'being of service' to women in their thirties and forties who are single, divorced or desperate . While some of these women know his business, some don't even know because he probably approached them like he wanted a serious relationship or something. These women shower him with gifts and stuff you know the deal. Then he began to show off some of these gifts. His very expensive phones. Trust me when I say he was showing off.

This is just too funny. Source

Why was he there? This very hardworking woman in that room was smart enough to discover who he really was early in the ‘relationship’ and broke up with him. When she was with him, she hadn’t started her own business but she was making some money. Now she has a successful business and can be called a ‘big girl’. So he heard and came to see her.  The way he talked left more to be desired. It was then I took a walk out of the place. My business there was done. Besides I can’t say more. Lol.

If a woman is involved with a gigolo and knows who he is and exactly how the game is played and never ‘catches any feelings’, then all well and good. But when she is being deceived by this suave and cocky man who can’t be bothered about her, then that’s just sad. 

May God give us all we do need and the grace to see all we do not.

Stay cool people.

Lily Johnson


  1. Sad! Some people do have strange ways of living.

  2. Was this in Abuja? Cos that is their capital. I dont know how desperate i will be to date a gigolo. I'd rather date an old man. And am very sure one can get some free action with younger men if that is the problem. *i know am*

  3. So we are basically saying men and women can be gold diggers eh?

  4. It's a shame how people are willing to "fake it" even at the expense of anothers emotions. What they fail to realize is that, people's emotional well-being (or lack there of) can effect them in a very negative way. This is sad, but thanks for bringing it to light!

    But On A Lighter Note | I just posted a new post where I shared my most embarrassing moments! I'm tagging you! Perhaps you'd want to do a post and tag some other people or want to leave a comment on my post! Can't wait to read it!


  5. Oh, and now following you and tweeted out a few of your posts over @femmeswbenefits


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