Thursday, October 27, 2011

At random

So I watched ‘Ice loves Coco’ [a reality TV show] and saw Coco working out. That woman looks so in shape even though she is voluptuous. One particular routine caught my eye. Okay, while most of us work out in ‘canvass’ or sports shoes, she works out in high heels. And she was doing squats in them! Now, some Hollywood starlets with beautiful behinds like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel have sworn that they got that not by injecting fat from their thighs into their behinds or butt implants but by doing the squat routine regularly. That particular exercise looked.. weird and I thought okay, let me try this because it looked really challenging and I love that kinda stuff. Not because I wanted [or needed a bigger derrière. Why am I laughing?]

So I wore these babies and did the squat thingy. They aint exactly stripper shoes but as we would say in this part of the world, 'Who send me message?'

 After exactly 25 squats, this dear girl was exhausted and breathing like crazy. That exercise targets your thighs and hips. After squatting thrice without holding anything, I felt it was for the best to hold a chair. Believe me; Coco makes this thing look easy. It took everything I had in me to get to 25. So there, I tried it and I think I would exercise like that once in a while. If I remember. Or totally forgot how errr..’really exercised’ my waist was.

Speaking off Kim K, a week ago, a particular young woman on twitter and a group of people were sort of bashing Tyler Perry for casting the reality TV star in his new movie. I know lots of people just don’t like Kim K. Yeah, I know she has a sex tape, posed for PlayBoy and all that. But what is wrong with Tyler casting her in his movie? I really don’t understand what that was all about.

I really don’t like how some Lagosians stress these poor boys that sell stuff on the roads. Like it’s just too much to bear sometimes. So this overly made up, gum chewing, loud young woman calls on a guy selling drinks and took Lacasera from his plastic basket while the boy was running as usual to catch up the bus driver that kept switching lanes. Then she starts looking for money in her purse, pauses to answer a call and talked utter gibberish for a few minutes while this young man was still running! And after a while, she brought out a thousand naira note. The young man still doing the semi marathon struggled to give her the balance while holding the basket and enduring her chanting ‘Don’t give me tattered money o! Ehen!’

Can you imagine? The money she gave the guy wasn’t exactly fresh out of the printing machine. In fact, it was old. I know it seems like I’m being a bit sentimental here after all, it’s what they do some people might think. But hey, it is hard enough for them that they have to do this for a living so I think it is fair that you have your money in your hand before you call them so that you guys would finish your exchange business without the poor guy having to run from Ojota to Maryland.

What first came to mind when I saw Tonto Dike’s tattoo on Linda’s blog was Wow! Till now, I still cant get past the words ‘Wow!’, and ‘Way out of the ordinary’. Tonto Dike is a Nigerian actress

Or what do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

Lily Johnson

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  1. first time here and following...
    I never knew one was supposed to do squats with heels on o! I should try that sometime.
    As per tyler Perry, he has a reputation for casting almost exclusively black people, so perhaps that's the reason for the outcry.
    As for the "madam-rich" in the lagos scene...only God can judge such people cos I dont understand why people will deliberately cause other people distress

  2. @Honey: I just saw that o!And decided to share. Yeah, i know about Tyler Perry's way of casting but trust me, they were really bashing him like they had a problem with Kim K herself. Abi o! May God judge madam-rich and her 'people'

  3. @Honey, dnt even dare try, like your butt isnt doing enough damage as it is. lol.

    As for the Tyler ish, i hope Kim does better than she did in 90210 tho. most people hate on Kim just becos but i like her and the whole clan. They'r business women who keep making money plus Kris is the smartest.

    the gum-chewing madam no fear God o. Haba.

    first time here too and following.

  4. Squat in heels? Is that healthy at all? Won't it give you varicose veins or something like dat...?
    Besides...I suspect coco must have had help somehow...they just wan fabu you on TV. Hope you dint break your waist oh...

    On the gum chewing woman...I pity am. Bible talk say we go reap wetin we sow. Its a matter of time before embarrassment kiss am hello..

    nice blog btw!

  5. @Toinlicious: Lol at ur comment @HoneyDame. Truth is, dat stuff doesn't just target your butt, it tones ur hips too. It's too stressful though. I don't hate on Kim K either. I don't knock people's hustle. Thanks for following me. I will visit your blog too!

    @Afronuts: Lol. I don't know but it is stressful. And no, I didn't break my waist thanks. And yeah, shame to the woman. Thanks for the comment!

  6. That tatoo is big o but I sort of like

    Happy weekend to you, haven't been here in a while. I hope all is well with you.

  7. @Yankeenaijachick: Yes o! The thing is big. All is well with me my dear. I was writing exams and stuff. Hope you are ok. Thanks so much for asking.

  8. Me I want a bigger something ooo... so that is the secret? hummm

    Dont get me started on that tatoo....

  9. That woman looks too curvy to be natural but I heard too that squats are a great form of exercise. As for Kim K, people seem not to like her, I don't know why. She was voted most annoying celeb, very strange indeed.

  10. @9jafoodie: Lol. I'm sure your something is perfect. Squats are good really but without the heels though.

    @Myne: Her boobs are fake but she claims her behind is real. Kim was voted the most annoying celeb? Wow! Lol.

  11. Are the heels meant to help the behind the more or what? cos i don't get it. Kim is always hot, annoying or not, she

  12. Hmmm...I may just need to try this out - I love the idea of working out in heels! :)

  13. @Chizy: The truth, I'm not sure. But the effect on your hip is more intense though. Yeah, Kim rocks.

    @CafeFash: Lol. I know you'd like that kinda stuff.

  14. I really don't know about doing squats in heels. One thing though, I did walk in heels for about a mile every day. I had very muscular legs from it. Squats are not my favorite thing to do, and I even hate the name "Squats". Yuck!

    Tyler Perry does only have black people in his films. If he changes it up, it's fine with me. Kim is gorgeous, but I've never watched her show.

    That tattoo is gorgeous. But in 40 years, she may be sorry she has it! Hah!

  15. Sigh, I already know, I'm going to like it here!
    I saw the episode with Coco, and laughed n walked away, You have done well by even attempting it
    My heels dont play, I wouldnt even dare
    I think ppls raucous with Tyler Perry and Kimmie K, is that his movies all have this moral backing to them and religious morals to add to that, so I guess ppl are just wondering what the two (miss sex tape n Mr morals) have to do
    Ps check out my blog :) I promise to make your taste buds dance!!

  16. @Linda: Lol at you even hate the name. I just tried it out of curiosity though. And yeah, i hear tattoos don't age well.

    @MissBee: Ice loves Coco is hilarious. Yeah, about Tyler and Kim, people should calm down. I am off to your blog. Thanks for the comment.

  17. That tattoo is crazy!
    And I will have to try squats in heels :)


  18. @CC: Lol. Thanks for the comment dear.

  19. Wow. If that's CoCo's secret, then I definitely understand now where she got her body.

    As for KK, I don't care that she's in TP's movie, but I think just the disgust that people have for her in general is what is causing the backlash. She's "famous for being famous" and that rubs people the wrong way. I think TP is just trying to get more white people into his movies and casting her is a brilliant move on his part to do so.

  20. Don't get the idea of doing the squats with heels tho. Any particular reasons? Do you have any idea?

    Oh I used to pity those hawkers eh. I remember when I had to buy from them one time, I had to beg the driver to stop and he was trying to tell me that I shouldn't worry that he'll run down. I just managed to get the stuff and gave him some money and when the driver decided it was time to take off again, I told the boy not to bother with the change. I wonder how much they make from that. Is it even enough to get medications for all those excess sprinting? 'cause the mere sight of the task looks so painful.

    As for Tonto, that girl will need to do a lot to impress me, for now, I'll like to classify her under 'atention seekers' LOL

  21. Isi na i na-eme gini? squatting in 6 inch heels? Ada oma biko, agbaji kwa la

    I have had a quarrel or two with friends or fellow passengers making a poor hawker sweat for his money. Its really wicked. Inconsiderate is too mild a word. may we learn to treat others as we wish to be treated.

    Tonto's tattoo? too much abeg.

  22. This tondo dike's tattoo knows how to push peoples

  23. Doing squats without heels is painful enough na...dont want to add heels abeg o

    I wonder why people dont like her? I like her

    Shame on the woman in the bus...


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