Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Awards!

I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by two wonderful bloggers ; Coy Introvert and Relentless builder. Thank you sweethearts! Now if you haven’t checked out their blogs, do so and you won't be disappointed.
I believe I have said a lot about myself in the past when I was given an award like this or something. Click here to read it. Though I haven’t changed much, I’m going to add to stuff to the ones you guys already know.

7 things about me...Here we go!
  • I love perfume!  Why is this the first thing I am saying about myself? Well, I don’t know. Or maybe it's because Christmas is almost here and I want to open gift boxes and find nice perfumes in them. My favorite brand is Chanel but I can use any other good one. People around me think it is an obsession especially when I once decided to join the FM Group just to acquire perfumes and samples for personal use! (Hiding behind a tree and laughing like hell).

  • I love cooking and eating pasta. I’m always looking for new pasta recipes to cook. I don’t get tired of doing that.
  • I don’t like it when people brag about stuff they know they cant achieve and run away when it is time for ‘action’. Even if you thought you could achieve it but somehow you couldn’t, brace yourself and tell the person especially if you are sure the person isn’t going to kill you or something. Keeping quiet or staying away makes it worse.

  • All of a sudden, I am this writer that can’t pen down a romantic story. In 2004, Hints Thrills and Boom published five of my romantic stories. These days, all I write is fantasy, thriller, crime and weird stuff. And it is not like I have any personal problems or anything. I just don’t know how that happened.  Myne Whitman however, can definitely write a romantic story!
  • I write songs too and I hope to be able to sing them someday soon.
  • I would love to visit Hong Kong! I just watched a documentary on the place and totally fell in love with it.  I would have to ask them to tell me every ingredient they used to prepare whatever I’m going to eat though as I also discovered that their palate isn’t errr.. exactly selective.
  • I love reading full color, glossy lifestyle magazines that talk about fashion, relationships and stuff like that. So Genevieve, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and the like, I love! Lol.
Okay! I’m done and I’m supposed to pass it on to 15 recently discovered blogs. Errrm.. that’s hard because I haven’t discovered a lot of blogs since I haven’t been here in a while. Besides, this award must have been received by everyone in blogsville. So if you are yet to get it and you are reading this, *giving you the award with a Close up smile*

Much love!

Lily Johnson

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  1. Is that #3 about what I am thinking it is? Hahaha *rolling eyes*

    - LDP

  2. @LDP: Hahahahahahahaaaa. Noooo! I'm just talking o! Funny person.

  3. HI Lily, congrats on the award, you richly deserve it. It is always difficult to nominate other bloggers, and I normally do the same as you.

    Writing? At least you had some stories published, I have written lots, never had anything published, although I self published one book, and co-authored another which we also self published. Very difficult field to enter. I am not good at promoting my own stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping a line on my last post, seriously appreciate it.
    Take care, best wishes on singing your own songs, I know you can do it, enjoy your day.

  4. How do you remain lekpa if you love to eat pasta that much?!

  5. Nice to know more about you, you've really been writing a long time o. Writing different genres is OK, as long as you're consistent.

  6. @Colin: Thanks for everything Colin dear.

    @Anony: Lol. I don't know o!

    @Myne: I have been writing long before that. I hope I don't wake up one morning again and all i can write is Romance! Lol. Did i say 'i hope i don't?' Thanks!

  7. I feel you on #3. Thats why I particularly love people with an "ana-ekwu ekwu, a na-eme eme" kind of attitude.

    You really need to revive your writing habit. Make time for what you love

  8. @Ginger: 'Ana ekwu ekwu, a na eme eme' is more like it for me too. Yeah, thanks hun. I'm working on it.

  9. @Ginger: 'Ana ekwu ekwu, a na eme eme' is more like it for me too. Yeah, thanks hun. I'm working on it.

  10. @Ginger: 'Ana ekwu ekwu, a na eme eme' is more like it for me too. Yeah, thanks hun. I'm working on it.

  11. You must really love perfumes, it's funny how I don't like giving out perfumes as gifts,
    I used to despise pastas but I recently found a very nice way of making it and now that's my breakfast every weekday, lol..
    I so love reading those magazines too, it's almost like I can relate to everything in them, :)
    And you're so very welcome!!

  12. @Coy: Yes, i do love perfumes. People rarely give perfumes as gifts though. Pasta is delish if prepared well. And the mags, sweet!

  13. So nice learning more about you. I adore writing and cooking, too. Happy weekend and congratulations on the award.xx

  14. Congratulations on the award, Lily! :)

  15. Really good read. Lol at the romance though. You should post one of your songs :D

    Muse Origins

  16. @Fashion, Art: Thanks hun. Its good to know we have something in common.

    @CafeFashionista: Thanks Erica dear

    @Muse Origins: Thanks dear. I would when i record something.

  17. Yay!! I am in Beijing and thinking of going to Hong Kong for a few days..Will put up pictures and stories when I eventually do!

  18. Nice one

  19. @HoneyDame: I'm so jealous right now. Lol. I hope to go there someday. Maybe for my honeymoon.

    @Onyediking: Thanks.

  20. Hi! I'm stopping by via Sits. We have a lot in common. I also love those magazines, although I don't get much time to read as much with a tot running around. lol I also love food. Congrats on the award!


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