Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things you should TRY HARD NOT to do even when it seems ...well hard.

Sometimes we are faced with crazy situations and we just do stuff that normally, we wouldn’t think of doing. The thing is, we do the unthinkable before even thinking about it. Then when we do think about it, we are sometimes appalled by our actions. And if the situation presents itself again, we might probably do the same thing because it is simply difficult not to.

Exchange words in a market place: Now, some of you would be quick to say ‘I’ll never do that.’ I believe you. Look at this scenario though. You know how crowded these markets can be right? Then a woman comes out from nowhere and steps on your pedicured feet with a pair of slippers that hasn’t seen water in years. Then she looks at you and hisses rather loudly. [Sheeooo!]
Or if a trader all of a sudden starts insulting you during price haggling. She said the plastic bucket was N250 and you asked if she would sell it for N200. And the next thing you hear, ‘You are mad! Get out of here! [You dey mad! Come buy am N2 na! Dey go!]
A number of cool and decent ladies would really lose it in these case scenarios. I have seen it happen a number of times. But then the woman keeps saying more annoying things and you find out that you just can’t stop talking back even as you walk away because you are beyond pissed.
It is indeed hard to walk away without saying a word. That is why you have to try hard to do so. Or say one or two words but don’t start exchanging words. Just take a walk.

Talk loudly in a bus: The only time some of us might be guilty of this is when we are on the phone. And that is because of the rather terrible network situation we sometimes experience here. You are in a bus then Grace calls and all you heard through a buzzing sound was Come, money, now, die. ‘What!?’ ‘Hello’... ‘Grace, I can’t quite hear you’ ‘Please can you call me back? I am in a bus’
Then she calls back. You assume she didn’t hear you the first time. So you tell her that again and again in a rather loud voice before it occurs to you that you could send her a message. Come, money now, die made you panic but what Grace was trying to say was that you should come take the money in the evening and that she was calling you now because her battery was low and would soon die. It is hard not to answer important calls in a bus. It is harder to hear what the person on the other side is saying so you talk almost on top of your voice. Remember to send a text message. That is if you have credit on your phone.

Exchange words in a social networking site: Now, why would you ‘tweetfight’? I understand that people would come into your mentions and say a load of nonsense but you mustn’t answer them back. Yes, I know people can be so annoying. Imagine a girl talking arrant nonsense about you on twitter because you retweeted something her boyfriend tweeted. Imagine a guy saying that you look like Daffy Duck on Facebook. Of course you would want to say something but do not follow when these people begin to go on and on, use your ‘unfollow’, ‘block’ and ‘remove from friend list’ buttons. It is hard that is why even some celebs talk back and forth endlessly with someone they may never know because he/she made an insulting remark or something like that. It really isn’t worth it. Say something witty and just ignore them. And if you can’t stand seeing them, use the buttons.

Swear terribly: Yes, some of us do that when we are very angry but can we try not to do that around children? And in an office? It just doesn’t look good.

Take calls in church: Some of you might say ‘What? Who does that? Well, people do. And they come up with excuses for that. They might be good ones but you can switch off your phone. Or at least make it known that you’re in church with a message. It beats the hell out of bending down to say that hastily. That can be embarrassing too with people looking at you and hissing and stuff.

May God give us the wisdom to handle all kinds of situations.

Lily Johnson

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  1. I recall once getting into a verbal dis thing with one yeye taxi driver...and I was just returning from the hospital too...Some people really know how to push people's buttons though

  2. Words of the wise dear...thanks for sharing.

  3. @Chic Therapy: Thanks!

    @Honey: My dear, most of us have gotten into one or more things with cab and bus drivers and conductors. It's so hard not to.

    @9jaFoodie: Thank you dear.

    @Unveilinggold: Thanks for the comment

  4. Well said oh!

    Unfortunately, there too many people around that refuse to be sensible to take steps like these.

    Thank goodness I'm not an offender on all these issues.

  5. wise words. thanks for sharing and Amen to your prayer too.

  6. Absolutely concur...

    Doing most of these is next to insanity :)

  7. man, i have such a potty mouth its not even funny. but i do try and make surei don't say anything naughty in front of kids. i'm pretty good at "code switching" though its not usually a big thing.

    And getting into arguments with people whether in the street or on the net has never really been my thing. I prefer to just cut people off. I'm very easily annoyed by people lol so if i got into a tiff with everyone that got on my nerves i'd be fighting until the cows come home!

  8. @Afro nuts: Yes, you are right but it's just that they feel that they've been wronged and they won't keep quiet about it. But then, sometimes, one really should.

    @Prisy: Thanks dear.

    @Myne: Yes o! Especially celebs that engage in degrading fights on twitter and Facebook!

    @LadyNgo: Yes, it really aint worth it. And cutting them off is the best thing to do really.

  9. Well said! That tweetfight still baffles me. You'll hide behind a screen and be composing insults for someone you've never even met before? That still baffles me o!

    Lovely blog, first time here and ffg. Do check out mine too xo

  10. you hit the nail on the head Lily. i mostly walk away o, cause me I no fit fight. The worst comeback I can give in a verbal fight is 'you are a crazy' which is sublime compared to an opponent who is prolly willing to dissect my parents and my lineage..lolss

    Walk on by..

  11. I cant resist the two palms 'shege, waka' shaaa.

  12. the market scene us just hard to walk away from... exchanging words on a social network is just the height of stupidity for me, not worth the time self.

  13. Hi, thanks for the kind words, hope your weekend will be great.

  14. I so don't like it when people take calls in church. It irks me and makes me feel like they don't have respect for God. I leave my phone at home or put it on silent if i must take it to church. Any important caller can always call back. I'm sometimes guilty of making calls loudly while in the bus. *hides face*. I don't know, but maybe it has to do with the noise around or the wind blowing from the open bus door or something. Working on it though. First time here and following. Do check out my blog:

  15. You've convinced me that I made the correct decision in not tweeting or using FaceBook.

    And we all should heed your words.

  16. LOL... sincerely, common sense should tell one not to do these things but I tell you, the shouting on d bus one... not in Naija! haha

    ...and the swearing, for obodo yibo, people swear anyhow even in normal conversations (including office ones o) Chei!

    - LDP

  17. the bus scenario is funny. This is really true, sometimes we need to stop and think for just second

  18. It's hard to keep silent when someone is berating you. I usually manage, but it's not easy. I can't stand seeing two women screaming at each other.

    I hate cell phones. They are so rude in public. And everybody around hears your business whether you want them to or not. Not good!

  19. As in!!! Shikena!


  20. @MJB: My dear people tweetfight all the time and i dont get it either. Thanks for dropping by. i will return the favour.

    @Ginger: Gings, me sef no fit fight o! Make person come design my face with nails? Mba biko. Lol at the 'waka shege'

    @Lara: You are so right about the market scene but some women are ready to talk from now till next year. You barely have that time dear which is why we should just take that walk.

    @sexylegsandbody: Thanks Colin darling and you are so welcome.

    @Che: Ah! some people take calls in church o! Especially those ones that feel that they have 'arrived'. most of us are guilty of the talking loudly in the bus thingy once in a while. Thanks for following dear. I will return the favour.

    @Jerry: Honestly, all these social networking sites can be just... absolutely nothing so maybe its really a good decision.

    @LDP: Yes, but sometimes when you have been provoked, common sense is thrown out of the window. Lol at 'ndi ocha' swearing every where.

    @Coy: You are so on point. Stop. Breathe. Think.

    @Linda: it really is hard to just walk away sometimes. And i also think women shouldnt argue or fight in public. It is just shameful.

    @Adiya: Yes o! Lol

    @Tamara: As in!! Lol

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  22. m guilty of picking calls in church ooh God pls forgive me and help me

  23. Perfectly written and no one can deny not being in any of these situations. I getting you more traffic by sharing this on my Facebook page as the blog of the day. Keep the good work Lily.

  24. I have to say that these are all very good suggestions :) Lord knows I'm guilty of a few of them!


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