Monday, November 21, 2011

The saddest and scariest day of my life...

I had the most terrible experience on Monday 14th of this month. My younger brother Andre had gone to work as usual (he is an IT student at an organisation at Ikeja) and when he didn’t come back till 11pm, we knew something was wrong.

Someone sent my sister a message on Facebook that he had been involved in accident at Egbeda and was left for dead on the Express. That night, my folks went out in a car with our landlord to look for him. They searched all the hospitals in the area and didn’t find him. They even went to Ikeja General Hospital to search and was told that they hadn’t admitted any accident victim.

I don’t think I have ever been in that kind of situation ever in my life.

Meanwhile, we were trying to find out who made the call to the person that informed my sister on Facebook. It was already 1:45am Tuesday morning and we were yet to get any concrete information concerning my brother’s whereabouts. The guy that contacted my sister said the guy that called him said he had seen my brother lying on the Express, took his wallet, got a card and called the number on it and it happened to be his.

The biggest question was, Where at Egbeda? How was he? Was he still alive?. I kept shouting at the guy asking these questions. He had no idea.

The guy who was my brother’s friend gave us the number of the man that called him. It was around 2am and my folks were going up and down looking for my brother in streets and ditches. Best believe it. It took time him time to pick the call.

His story

He had seen my brother in a ditch near a filling station. He appeared drugged or something. He just took his wallet, took a card and called the number on it. So where was he, he wasn’t sure. He had called an ambulance immediately after that. He didn’t stay to know if they later arrived.

He described the filling station. My parents and landlord who had been roaming the streets of Egbeda began to look for this filling station hoping and praying that my brother was still alive. They stopped at all the filling stations they saw to search. The search wasn’t fruitful.

They had almost given up. My mum who is a very strong person had broken down in tears and my sister’s wailing resounded in the night. It was 3am.

Then they sighted the police and stopped to ask them if they had seen anything concerning Andre.

They said they had, described my brother to a ‘T’ and said he had been drugged , before being robbed of everything including his shoes, trousers and shirt and thrown out of a moving vehicle but he was lucky that he fell into mud and sustained minor injuries. They had taken him to a nearby hospital. My parents were taken there. My brother was unconscious, was nearly naked and hadn’t received any form of treatment.

The good news however, was that he was alive.

What really happened...

My brother entered a bus going to Egbeda at Ikeja. Shortly after, the guy beside him bought ‘pure’ water and gave him one explaining that the hawker didn’t have change. He was thirsty though so he thanked the stranger and drank some and told him the water had a taste. And that was it. Both the hawker and the guy were in on the ‘deal’. Nobody knows the full story and no one will ever know but I will be forever grateful to God for saving my brother’s life. And I pray that none of you would ever be this sort of situation ever in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

May God always protect you and your loved ones.

Lily Johnson
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  1. How scary. Praise God he is going to be okay!!

  2. OMG OMG!!! That is some scary ish right there.
    I thank God on your behalf o! this story should be broadcast because it could have happened to anybody. We need to be extra careful.
    May the King watch over us all!

  3. Wow....glad the story had a good ending. The world is wicked.

  4. I had a really bad day today but hearing your story, I can't help but say thank God that your brother is alive. OMG! This is scary but am thankful he is alive and will be fine sooner! Hugs!

  5. Wow, that has got to be one of the worst feelings ever. Thank God Almighty that your brother is alive to even tell part of the tale! People are just so ...ugh!

  6. I thak God for protection for your brother! These 'ember' months will not swallow us up IJN!

    Pls we all need to be careful about accepting things from strangers!

  7. @CountessLaurie: Yes he is now ok. Thanks.

    @HoneyDame: My dear, i thank God o! I have never been that scared before in my life. He is doing well now. Thanks.

    @Madam Sting: It is indeed wicked. Thanks for the comment.

    @Yankeechick: It has thought me to be grateful to God too. Thanks for the comment.

    @LadyNgo: Believe me, it is the worst feeling ever. Nothing is worse than this one. Thanks.

    @Anony: Amen. Your advice is on point. Thanks.

  8. OMG!!! All glory to God that he is doing fine now. *hugs*

  9. omg that is scary and terrible, to God be all the glory, what satan meant for evil has be thwarted..I rejoice with your family :)

  10. Thanking God for giving your family joy this Xmas!!

    On a lighter note, your bro might never drink 'pure water again' which is a good thing :)

  11. My God! Lily I am so sorry. What a horrible thing to happen. I am so glad your brother is okay. This is some terrible stuff to happen to him or to anyone. What in the hell is the matter with some people?

  12. @Nikki: We thank God o! Thanks luv.

    @Jemima: We give God the glory. Thanks for your cooment.

    @Ginger: My dear, my mum looks at every pure water seller with suspicion. We just thank God for his mercies. Thanks hun.

    @Linda: Thanks Ma. It was really terrible but we thank God for sparing his life.

  13. Wow, Thank God your brother is alive. That is the most important thing. This one chance people are at it again. It's time to make quick cash for the Xmas celebration. I have heard a lot of this stories. Once I enter a bus, i just keep to myself and don't say a word. Even if someone cracks a joke, my dear, i no go laugh. But it's really God that protects one. I have heard of gists like someone in the group will pass money from the back to give to the driver(also a member of their group) and once you touch the money, you sleep off. Stuffs like injecting sleeping drugs inside pure or even bottled water, canned drinks, oranges etc and offering to passengers in the bus. Okwa serious Chukwu zoba mmadu. I rejoice with your family.

  14. omg, this is so scary, thankGod he's alive, Godforbid evil!!! I don't even know what to say

  15. Scary ish. Thank God he kept your brother alive thru it all. Mehn, one cannot be too careful in these times, esp with Xmas being so close!

  16. Scary ish. Thank God he kept your brother alive thru it all. Mehn, one cannot be too careful in these times, esp with Xmas being so close!

  17. @Che: We heard stories too o! Only God can save my sister. Ndi ego oku a, Chukwu ga akpo ya oku! Thanks for your comment.

    @Coy: It was, my sister. We just thank God. Thanks for your comment.

    @Hazel: Greedy people are out there looking for quick cash. We thank God. Thanks for your comment.

  18. This SAME pure water incident happened to my sister- in-law's friend.

    Only God protects us. Thank God your brother is alive

  19. Nna chukwu zoba kwa mmadu seriously ooo............ I'm so glad it had a happy ending. @ least, just reminds me of what happened to my cozn,though his was. To be. Thrown in a canal!

  20. @Sirius: Ah! Those people are just mean. I hope she is ok after everything. Thanks for your comment.

    @nefertity: As in! Lagos a bu nno ebe di egwu! Chi m o! Did he survive it? I'm in shock! I hope he did somehow. May God protect us all. Thanks for the comment.

  21. Where the heck have i been?! I still have goose after reading that! Thank God for your brother.

  22. Men...thank God for your brother oo. God is faithful and will always deliver us from the plans of the evil one.

  23. wow...Thank God he is alive. Can you brother-in-law went thru a similar occurrence recently? He entered the bus of ritual killers...boy, I need to blog about it too...

  24. Wow!..Thank God for his wow

  25. OMG OMG OMG........kai people are wicked.
    Most especially hospitals. They saw he was still alive and refused to treat him. Thank God for ur family devil is a big liar.

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