Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things a girl should do if she aint already doing them.

Dance: Okay, you might not have the time nor the energy and you might not even know how to dance. Who said you should dance where people would see you? Just do it when you have the time and energy. It is great exercise and if you can’t really dance, you would be the one laughing at yourself. I do that.

Get a foot massage: You can pay for it or get someone close to massage your feet. It takes all the stress away.

Learn a new thing every month: Anything that makes you feel good. From cuisine to martial arts.

Frown less: We all hate wrinkles and baby, frowning brings them.

Surprise people once in a while: For example, If you wear make up all the time, show up somewhere without the usual ‘look’. Maybe light and barely there makeup.

Do something exciting once in a while.

Support a worthy cause.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend ahead.

Lily Johnson.
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  1. I love that they don't cost a thing!!

  2. Lily, these are all great ideas and suggestions! I'm going to do every one of them! Today!


  3. I support the frownless part. haha.

    Lily, long time..

    - LDP

  4. Very good advice!! :)


  5. Trueeee...some good pieces of advice dear...I hope I can keep up though

  6. Dancing is exercising and execising releases feel good hormones over the body.

    I like this list and will try and do some of them.


  7. Nice, will make a mental note...although I have been dancing for a while though :)

  8. This is a great list! People should definitely dance as much as possible :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  9. yes, frown less...& dance.

  10. I will try to learn something new every month..;)

  11. Dancing is great, took some classes recently and loved it.

  12. @Noe Noe: Thanks.

    @Ginger: The best things in life are free.

    @Linda: I'm glad you love them Ma.

    @LDP: Long time o! Hope you are ok.

  13. @Adiya: Thanks.

    @Dayor: Thanks.

    @Mena: Yes, dancing is really great and we all should get jiggy with it. Lol.

    @Mamuje: Good. Thanks.

  14. @Dee O: Yes, they should. Thanks.

    @Ibhade. Simple. Thanks.

    @Unveilinggold: Thanks for the comment

    @Myne: Wow! I should take classes too. Thanks.

  15. I agree wit the light, barely there make up though if you always wear make up might not be good at first. I had a friend that had to ween herself and her friends because they thought she was sick whenever she didn't wear


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