Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am being honest.

I was tagged by Chanz (thanks). I am supposed to tell you my beloved readers 10 things about myself. 10 honest things actually. I just want you to know that there is a difference between “I am” and “I can be”. So please bear that in mind.

Here goes

1. I am not particularly a very patient person. I can be sometimes when it is really important that I should be especially with the people I care about. I am a bottom line kind of person. Don’t beat about the bush. Tell me what I need to hear. Tell me what is important and very fast too if you don’t want me to get really pissed.

2. I am not a materialistic woman. Don’t get me wrong. I love every good thing that money can buy. I have dreams of wearing priceless gems to parties organized by The Billionaire club (does that exist?) which my man happens to be the president of (I told you it was a dream and babe, I am a huge dreamer). All I am saying is that you don’t have to have tons of money to impress me. Honesty, consistency and loyalty earn you huge marks with me. I am not going to stop being your friend because I realized you couldn’t get me a Louis Vuitton bag. I will not sell my soul for a diamond bracelet. I will be with anyone that makes me happy and fulfilled even if he doesn’t have a lot.

3. I can be a tad too clean. I might remind you of Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives. I do drive everyone crazy sometimes. “Don’t drop the cup there!” “Pick up that bottle cap!” ‘That shirt is dirty. Do your laundry!” So my hands are always doing something. Washing dishes, cleaning, sweeping etc.

4. I am a hopeless romantic. I love ‘And they lived happily forever after’ stories. I love roses and wine. I love candle lit dinners. I love dancing with a special someone to good soul music. A hopeless romantic I said.

5. I am a shy person. I get uneasy when people stare at me even when I know that they didn’t mean to be rude. To walk into a room filled with people can be very difficult for me.

6. I am a book worm. I love reading and studying. I love the smell of books. I must have read a million novels. I am always reading a book. Always.

7. I am a realist. I would like to believe that there is a good side to everything and would like they say, look on the bright side but I believe in embracing reality. So I love to be told the truth about every situation that I find myself in. I believe in seeing things the way they really are and then try to be optimistic.

8. I am passionate about the issues of the female gender. They call it feminism. I believe in empowering women through education. I believe women deserve to be treated with respect. I believe that crimes against women like rape and forced early marriage are crimes against humanity.

9. I can be funny. I have a sense of humor that is as sarcastic as it is witty. If I am in a good mood, then prepare to laugh till your ribs ache.

10. I am an emotional person. I take things way too personal sometimes and end up hurting myself more. But a good cry mends all that is broken.

That is the truth and nothing but the truth. Now you know some things about me.

I am tagging the following people.



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Be good people!

Lily Johnson


  1. I hope you guys can leave your comments now.

  2. Good to know all these about you Lily. I'd so mine soon :)

  3. I like you even more now! And you know, they're probably staring at you because you're so gorgeous!

  4. It's wonderful learning more things about you, sweetie! You sound like a lovely, sensitive, caring person to me.

    I'm glad I've gotten to know you better!

  5. LDP: Thanks and i will come over to read yors ok?

    Chrissy: Thanks. I do enjoy reaing your blog and i like you too. Thanks for the compliment. You are the hot one.

    Kat: Thanks Kat dear. You are an amazing person.

  6. Great list of things about you. I am impatient (at times) and sarcastic wonder I like you. :)

  7. What a wonderful list Lily! You are alot like me!

  8. I love how much we have in common, Lily. You are such an inspiration!! :)

  9. Jenny Mac: Thats good to know JM. Thanks!

    Noe Noe Girl: Really? Great! Thanks!

    Cafe Fashionista: I am glad to hear Erica dear. Thanks!

  10. Ooops! Just came across this today - we are alike in many ways -

    I'm a shy, impatient realist who is not materialistic...

  11. carma: Yay! Thanks for the comment. I like you already.

  12. 1. cut the chase and hit the nail.
    3. no compromises, period.
    4. how so?
    5. you think so? meet me.
    6. books, books, better still information.



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