Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Your very own love cards

I just want to share this simple Valentine’s day idea of mine. By now you must know that you have to look really good and smell good too.

So you have to get a fine dress for the evening making sure it suits your body type yet flatters your best assets. Give the LBD a break and go for some color.

I love perfumes and we all know that a good one often gets us what we want with who we want. Dab on something sexy but mysterious. Or any one that works for you.

Make up should be carefully applied. Just do your thing; smoky eyes, red luscious lips. Just ‘wow’ him.

Now, my idea. It is simple and it is what Valentine’s day is all about. The word ‘love’

Three beautiful little white cards

Three languages

Three different locations

One sentence.

Write the words “I love you” in three different languages in each card and put them in three places you are sure he would find them.

I would write: (without the words in the bracket)

Ahuru m gi n’anya (Language of the Ibo tribe of Nigeria)

Je t’aime (one of the few sentences I can say in French)

I love you

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Simple isn’t it? Yes I know.

And if you are currently single and loving it, put the little white cards where you would find them. After all, loving yourself is the greatest love of all.

But I am sure that there is someone in your life that deserves these white cards and all the love you can give.

Have fun people!

Thanks to for the pic.

Lily Johnson.


  1. Great idea, times like this I am so glad I am happily married. No more falling around, hoping to get a date, blah, blah blah...
    Thanks for sharing, I see my Valentine every day, and it is Valentine's day for us every day...

    Thanks for your input on my Kate post, love to hear from you!

    Hope your week has been going well.


  2. I am in love with this idea... Sadly i dont have a valentine so i would do this for my own self.. :)

  3. I can only wish my love was here with me. She is in Nigeria though. The best thing about her is she always send numerous cards tht mean so much to me and gifts too. I can't wait for this year's one. Mine's fantastic. It'd blow her away. LOL
    Happy Valentine :)

  4. What a sweet idea, Lily!

    I am pretty sure that Mr. Handsome and I are not going to go out of our way to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's our first one "together" and given that we're not really "together" (long story, aren't they all?)... I think we might just skip the pressure.

    I LOVE the idea of the LOVE cards! I am trying to work up a design for a card to give him... I might have to tone it down to LIKE though. ;o)

  5. I absolutely adore this idea, Lily - it's simple yet powerful!! :)

  6. sexylegsandbody: Well, i envy you Colin, We the single ladies are working erribly hard right now to impress someone. You don't have to do that. I love your blog so its really a pleasure.

    Chanz: Dearie, you can have fun even if you don't have a Valentine. Go out with your friends with a white card in your bag. Yep, you love yourself!

  7. LDP: Your lady is one lucky woman.Have fun.

    Christina Lee: Thanks.

  8. Picture Imperfect: Yes i know what you mean. Who knows what could happen this Valentine? There is magic in the air.

    Cafe Fashionista: Thanks. Yes, it is simple but powerful.

  9. I am not enamored with store-bought cards. It is perhaps unreasonable of me to think that buying from a card rack is the 'easy way out'. Your card idea supports my notion that receiving something that was created by the giver means so much more.



  10. That is a really cute idea. I love it!

  11. Hey sweety.. U have been tagged... Check ma blog

  12. What a sweet, romantic thing to do. Hubby and I treat ourselves to fancy dinner each year and still exchange cards. I sometimes make them but this year I bought one. (although it took me forever to find one that I liked). This year it is going to be hard to be romantic as our 4 year old is coming with us but the very next day she is going to spend a few days with her Grandparents. That is when we celebrate V. Day!

  13. Jerry: Thanks for yor comment and i am glad you like my little idea.

    The Boob Nazi: Thanks.

    Chanz: I will be right there.

    Clare: Thanks for the comment. I wish yo and your family a wonderful Valentine's day.

  14. I'm loving the idea of telling oneself "I love you"! I do believe I don't tell myself that enough.

    I hope you've had a lovely day, sweetie!

    From you!

  15. I love this idea. Even though it is past valentine's, I think I will sneak this in.


  16. Hmmm, where did you keep my cards? ...been looking for them since.


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