Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stress Sweat: It just might not be body odor.

I was reading a magazine and stumbled on an article on sweating and got to know there are two types of sweat; the
ordinary sweat and stress sweat.

Stress sweat smells very different (and more stinky) from ordinary sweat. You get ordinary sweat when you exercise or when a place is hot. But when you are stressed out physically, mentally, emotionally or any other way, that sweat you get is stress sweat and studies show people can smell it and it might even affect how you are perceived. Read here to see how stress sweat changes how men perceive women.

This really means that the offensive odor we perceive on people sometimes and conclude they have body odor might just be stress sweat. The guy might just be overly anxious about that first date or interview and the girl might have crazy confidence issues.

You avoid stress sweat by generally reducing stress. So stay away from people and unnecessary situations that do nothing but give you stress. There are breathing techniques also and yoga.

Read  here  for more information and expert advice on stress sweating and  here for information on how to combat stress and be cool.

Stay lovely!

Lily Johnson  

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