Monday, November 19, 2012

Featured!: Salon Task.

If you are a salon owner, then you need to check out this beautiful application Salon Task that helps you organize everything from appointments to schedules in your salon. Many salon owners would readily tell you that managing a salon isn't all about the glam; it is a tedious job. Laurel White, my guest blogger wrote a piece about Salon Task and some of the things it offers salon owners.

Salon Task
Who is stronger than an empowered woman? No one. The number of women owning businesses are growing and we hope that it does not stop any time soon! Salon Task, a scheduling application for the beauty industry hopes to encourage this growth by providing them with a simple, attractive and user friendly tool to increase the efficiency and organization within their office.

With Salon Task you can enjoy advanced CRM capabilities such as email reminders, notes, attachments and public scheduling. All of your customer and appointment information is stored in detail within the application and it is all organized in a manner that makes it easily accessible.

Schedule appointments for your team members or just for yourself with the easy drag and drop calendar feature. Salon Task also has marketing capabilities, allowing you to create a hosted web page designed to your taste in order to display your most recent work, services and contact information. Salon Task is 100% web based so you may access this on any device with an internet connection. It comes with a mobile application for yourself as well as for your employees when they need to quickly access their calendar. All employee access is customizable per your preferences.

Finally, Salon Task integrates with Quick Books so that your customers appointments and information can be linked to your finances!

To learn more about this application and if you have any questions, you can email Laurel White at Also visit

Stay empowered!

Lily Johnson

Salon Task website
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  1. cool...I hope this works fine in Nigeria

    1. Its web-based so it should but one can send an email to her to find out.

  2. Really wonderful idea, having an all integrating setup program. I know if I ever started up any form of business, it would be wonderful to have such a program, especially when its tailored to said business.

    1. I think so too. I think salon owners would find this a lot helpful.

  3. Cool idea! Would serve the owners of upscale salons in Nigeria best I think.

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