Monday, October 8, 2012

What men really want...

So I wanted to do a post on the above subject and thought I should get a man to write a short and very personal piece about what a man wants or what he wants. I didn’t want the whole ‘step by step’ thing that makes you feel like you are in a classroom. I wanted something that flowed freely and still very sincere.
I got my very good friend Steve to write a piece off the top of his head and fast. How else would you get a very sincere piece?

Steve is a senior social work practitioner in the UK.

What men really want
Okay folks, I admit this might be from a rather narrow and biased perspective ;mine and that of some of my male friends. But this is what I have to say...

So I woke up this morning with my gorgeous baby cuddled up to me, looking amazing even as she sleeps; the peaceful serenity of her face.

I stroked her hair gently and she smiled as she always did, she leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. Hmmm. I said ‘good morning gorgeous’ and she responded 'good morning handsome'.

Yes she meant me.

So she rolled over and walked towards the bedroom door, gracefully, standing tall and I am transfixed by her amazing curves that sometimes get me palpitating. I could hear her humming a tune in the kitchen and she returned a few minutes later with a beautiful cup of my favourite coffee, the aroma enveloping the room. She leaned over with her large, beautiful piercing eyes staring down at me and she whispered, ' rise and shine baby'. I began to reflect, thinking how wonderfully blessed I am to have a woman who is strong, articulate, intelligent, sensitive, sensual, romantic and so loyal a friend. She makes me feel a man without having to prove my manly credentials and with her I feel indestructible. Yes she is one in a million.

What else could a man want?


I’m yet to come across a man who didn’t care about a woman fixing him a good breakfast or atleast his favorite coffee or tea. [Rolling my eyes. Lol] But read this line again She makes me feel a man without me having to prove my manly credentials’. It just sank in didn’t it? I take every man wants a woman who makes him feel more like a man not less.

This is just one man’s opinion anyway. But I also get the feeling that most men would agree with some of what he said in this rather poetic piece.

Thank you Stevie!

Have a great week dearies...

Lily Johnson

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  1. Steve was spot on!! n would really have nailed it more if he had added that she could increase or decrease her err...obvious features with the touch of a remote!!! *lmao*

    Truth matter how much true Steve's analysis is...MANY men hav had such women...,only to cheat on her with dat no brained,big assed mini skirt wearing,bum short cladding vixen down d street!!

    I think most men would understand Steves analysis if IT WAS PUT DIS WAY...want a woman who is like their mother in the kitchen, like their pal on d pooltable or sports center, and like a very bad b***h in bed...(witout all d makeup!!)

  2. Hilarious. In the end, our morning rituals don't involve breakfast or coffee. I know what I want in my woman, is someone who loves me back the same way I love them, and can do it as intensely as I do it. I like physical touch, emotion, and a great mind. I love being able to talk, and be an equal to my lover. I do as much for her, as she does for me.

  3. Steve is trying to tell us, that a woman who has nice shapes and cooks your meal is all a man can ask for

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  5. If the She is changed to He that will be my ideal guy telling me 'Rise and shine baby':)

    Oh pls add a box of some pricey trinket nestled under the pillow.
    What a lucky girl I am!

  6. Lol @ Ginger.

    guess Steve was just being honest. About making a man feel manly...He probably speaks for a sizable chunk of menfolk out there. Hard for a woman to make a man feel manly if he does not make her feel 'womanly' though.


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