Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get off your high horse and reach out!

Some of us tend to be wrapped in our own world with our jobs and rather busy schedules that we tend to forget our family and true friends. No calls. No text messages. Nothing. We leave all that for them to do because we are too busy to. It is only sensible and mature to try to create time for your loved ones despite what you might be going through.

Individual A: He loves his family and close friends but scarcely has the time to reach out to them because he is wrapped up in this time and energy consuming project. However, when they call, text or ping him, he would reply. But he won’t do that first though because he is too busy to. If they don’t, then oh well! He may not reply your message in two days. And when he does, he acts like you didn’t send him any message at all. You should know he is a very busy person.

Yeah, you look cool in your suit and all. Be civil while at it

Lily to Individual A: Good day sir. I understand your situation. You are a very hard working person. Can you devote 10 minutes out of 24 hours to talk with your family. Not every day of course but maybe once a week. When you are in the rest room doing your business, could you reply your pings and return last year’s Xmas greetings? Could you apologise for not being in touch for a while? We understand you are busy. Be civil while at it. Stop making your family and friends feel they are disturbing you each time they want to make a call or send you a message to just to know how you are fairing.

Individual B: He loves his family and friends [or so he says]. He ignores their calls and messages. Not that he doesn’t see the missed calls or messages but they should know he is a busy person and not call him except it is an emergency. Like a real emergency like someone going into a coma or something. He doesn’t have the time to wish anyone ‘Happy Easter’ or say ‘same to you’ even though he is changing display pictures on Blackberry messenger. He might spring a surprise on you and call you out of the blue to say some random stuff and of course he expects you to just grateful he called you.

You don't think you look like this?*shrugs*

Lily to Individual B: Hello sir. I only wonder what you think would happen if you find yourself in a peculiar situation, maybe something rather embarrassing like a police case you know absolutely nothing about. Who and who do you think would stand by you and look for solutions to the problem? Without giving you the ‘I am busy’ line that your ‘executive friends’ would give you? They are just like you remember? Clean up your act please. My people say ‘Adolu na ozu, enyi ka nwanne anaa.’ Translation: When you die or something grave happens to you, all those people that you place above your loved ones won’t be there. You think they would? I laugh in Swahili. Create time for your family. Call them and return their calls not only when it suits you. That’s rude and so not cool.

Life is full of surprises. Life is short. You should have time for people that care about you. There are people out there that wish they had a loving family or people that would show them care. For some reason, they just don’t. Be grateful. 

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Lily Johnson

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  1. I'm guilty of this sometimes. I really should learn to return calls.

  2. @Toinlicious: Yeah. We should all try to be better.

  3. Awesome post.
    Am off to check out your other blog!


  4. I am so guilty of this.... thank you for this.

  5. I know a few people I'd like to send this post to. It takes five minutes to acknowledge someone. Good post!

  6. a beautiful message of hope !! Thanks Lily and good evening for you !

  7. @Lara: You are welcome dear.

    @Glitter: Thanks. That was the intention.

    @Queen of Chaos: Feel free to send it to them . People need to stop being like that.

    @Jerry: Ca va? A good evening to you too and you are welcome Jerry.

  8. I needed that reminder :) Thanks for sharing this post.

  9. I was hiding my face by the 2nd sentence. Phone calls are expensive. Is that a good excuse?

  10. I was hiding my face by the 2nd sentence. Phone calls are expensive. Is that a good excuse?

  11. I am almost always very prompt to reply, but only sometimes take the effort to initiate contact. this is a good reminder, thanks!

  12. @Myne: You are welcome Myne.

    @Ginger: Errr...Not really. Try your best possible dear.

    @TicoTina: You are welcome.


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