Sunday, April 1, 2012

Diamond in the Rough

Hey Mister, listen to me I am talking to you.
I know you have your reservations but listen to the truth
I got no suit, observed no rules, but I will be of some use to you.
Don’t lose your cool, I know you’re through, but I got to say something to you
So before you throw out my papers saying I don’t have a second class
Could you calm down and let me tell you things they don’t even teach in class

Cos I am a diamond in the rough
Uncut. Unpolished. Diamond in the rough.
A little cut here and there and I am a world wonder
Diamond in the rough.

Uncut. Unpolished. Diamond in the rough
Dear lady, stop for a while I’m trying to catch up with you.
You said I couldn’t sing for beggars, you didn’t want a green horn with you.
I got no tape. My voice no shape. You wonder what I want with you.
You feel my pain but it’s a shame, there’s really nothing you can do.
But don’t hasten to write me off because I don’t even look prepared
I got something to show that I shouldn’t have left reserved.

Cos I am a diamond in the rough
Uncut. Unpolished. Diamond  in the rough
A little cut here and there and I am a world wonder
Diamond in the rough....

I wrote this piece some years ago. It’s actually a song. I wrote it after listening to the experiences of people that believed that they were better than the society saw them and they actually had something to offer. Bitter experiences I tell you. These people had only one thing going on for them; Belief and Hope.

April is the month of Diamonds. You are a unique in your own way. Just believe in yourself and explore all the possibilities within your reach. You are a star and don’t you dare stop pursuing your dreams.

Happy New month and may all your dreams come true. Much love...

Lily Johnson
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  1. Lovely write-up.

    Have a great month too.

  2. Happy new month to you, make the best of it. Interesting read too!!

  3. Hi Lily,
    thanks for the comment, I agree with you about appearing dusty at times, but I think it is a matter of choice if you appear in public like that. :)
    Take care.

  4. Like the rhyming. It almost feels like a rap song.

    Happy new month to you too

  5. Great lyrics....happy new month to you too

  6. Awesome stuff! People hardly recognize gold or diamond in the rough; it is until its recognized, taken up, tried in fire that they know its true worth...

    - LDP

  7. Nice Piece. Happy new Month..

  8. Yeah, it is the month of diamonds...and it is a precious month. Hope you have a great month

  9. Great post and its definitely a reflection of our current day society. We can all be considered Diamonds In the Rough at specific times in our lives. Thanks for reminding us of this.

  10. Love this,you know I do,it encaspulates my thoughts about recognising potential and pulling that person out of a quagmire.


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