Thursday, March 11, 2010

You are human. Deal with it!

I made a great mistake! I shouldn’t have done this! I should have said that! News flash: You are not a robot. You are flesh and blood (please don’t make me get the anatomy guy to break it down for you). You are not perfect and nobody is no matter what they say! You have emotions that sometimes can’t be controlled. You are not God! So you are not all knowing, ever present and all powerful and trust me you can never be and we are not expecting you to be. You are (wait for it) human! End of not-so-flash news flash.

We all do it once in a while; beating ourselves up for something we know that couldn’t be helped. We keep seeing things we should have or would have done even it is so clear that there was nothing anyone could have done about the situation. Even when we had done everything in our power, we still tell ourselves that we shouldn’t have done more; we should have done better. Yeah, I understand. I know how it feels. I do that too sometimes.

But my dear, there is so much that you can control. I am sure that you try hard enough so when there are some flaws here and there, as hard as that can be, try to take it in your good stride. It is nearly impossible in fatal cases but what can you, a mere mortal do? Even when you could have done something, blaming yourself till you breathe, eat and drink self condemnation can’t change the situation. And you would have turned into a zombie. Now that’s horrible!

I just want to encourage everyone to try to live with themselves when they make bad choices and great mistakes. Regret it. Please do but just enough to learn from it, swear never to do it again, share your experience with people so they can learn from it too and put it behind you and live your life. And when you know deep down that there was nothing you could have done about the situation, quit looking for ways to bring yourself down! It can’t change anything!

And if you know someone in such a situation, do the ‘blaming’ thing and encourage the person to learn from it and move on. It could be you so be good.

It is difficult but with determination and prayers, we can do it.

Keep being positive.

Lily Johnson.


  1. Great words Lily. Mistakes are part of human existence. Without mistakes or faults, there wouldn't be serendipity. Our mistakes, flaws and faults should not define us however, we should try to live beyond them by moving on.

    God bless you :)

    - LDP

  2. LDP: Thanks so much for your comment. You are so right

  3. What a wonderful post Lily. I think we all have trouble forgiving ourselves at times. But if God forgives us surely we need not beat ourselves up. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Such a wonderful post, Lily! Mistakes are a part of everyone's lives. Nobody is perfect. We simply have to accept the past, and move onto the future. :)

  5. They say forgivness is the key to happiness. Sometimes we just sit there with that key in our hand and we don't use it.

    Mistakes are inevitable, but I believe that they are part of the learning process that we have to go through in order to evolve.
    As long as we don't repeat the same mistakes over and over, it's all good.:)

    Beautiful write, Lily. I love the way you think.

  6. Noe Noe girl: Thanks for your comment. Yes, we tend not to forgive ourselves when we really should.

    Cafe Fashionista: Thanks Erica dear and you are so right.

    Laura: Thank you so much for such a brilliant comment and thanks for the compliment.

  7. What you say here is so true, if only I can always remember that. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Thanks also for your kind comment on my last post, love hearing from you.

    hope your weekend will be filled with fun and laughter.


  8. You're so right, sweetie!

    I was JUST saying this to Connor. I said, "Learn from your mistakes and move ON."

    People beat themselves up too much...but then there are others who constantly blame everyone else...!

  9. some words deserve the appreciation i thin you deserve it ,
    life is a journey in a ocean we can't stop until we reach our destination , we will hit by waves every time ,if we scare of waves we never reach our destination

  10. I soooo needed to hear this. I have been beating myself up for a costly mistake I made on thursday and can't seem to move on; I do this way too often and can sometimes get 'paralyzed' in my mind kicking myself over and over...

    If I can find a way to end the vicious cycle, it would be priceless to me :D
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  11. What a great post. I definitely dwell on mistakes. I will work on forgiving myself!

    thanks for sharing!!

  12. Lily, thank you so much for this very timely reminder. :o)

    I read the following somewhere, and really believe it to be true:

    Good judgment comes from experience. Most times, experience is gained through making bad judgments.

    We have to get it wrong sometimes in order to learn and appreciate and understand. Life is a journey and part of the path we follow is learning things, yep, some of them we even have to learn the hard way.

    Once we figure out that we should embrace each lesson and be grateful for the opportunity for growth, all of those 'mistakes' seem just like "chances."


  13. Sexylegsand body: Thanks so much. I love your blog . You know that Colin.

    Kat: Yes we should all move on. We will make mistakes but we should learn from it.

    KnK: Thank you so much for reading me.

    Carma: Stop it darling. I am sure that if you could have, you wulda done things differently. Just learn from it and move on.

  14. CountessLaurie: Thanks for the comment. Work on it dear.

    ChristinaLee: Thanks for the comment.

    Krista: Thanks for sharing that dear. The words were soothing.

  15. This post is absolutely perfect, Lily! I too have encountered beautiful liars in my past. It's hard to tear yourself away from them sometimes; but in the end, you absolutely must! :)


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