Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Antioxidants: How much are you getting?

As we age, our bodies will need all the extra help it can get to function optimally. Most times a person's age shows on the skin; the sagging, wrinkles and age spots. However, some people experience accelerated/premature skin aging and this is due to the attack of free radicals in the body.
These free radicals are mostly produced by toxins in the environment like tobacco/gas smoke and ultraviolet radiation from the sun and tanning beds.

Antioxidants are substances that help the body fight these free radicals and protect it from its damaging effects thereby improving the quality of the skin and the general well being of the body.


These are the names of some antioxidants so you might want to check your supplements to be sure you are getting what you should.

Hydroxytyrosol: Still not well known and primarily found in the olive (fruit, leaves and pulp), this powerful antioxidant is touted to have the highest level of free radical absorption activity ever reported for a natural antioxidant.
Read more about Hydroxytyrosol here 

Astaxanthin: This carotenoid is still not widely known but is said to improve eye and heart health and also protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
Read more about Astaxanthin here

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA): This metabolic antioxidant which is found in natural food sources, attacks free radicals and aids the body's conversion of food into energy.
Read more about Alpha lipoic acid here 

Glutathione: Became quite famous as it was discovered that this powerful antioxidant detoxifies the body system and when combined with Vitamin C can effectively lighten the skin.
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Melatonin: This antioxidant which is a hormone produced in the brain, increases the effectiveness of the body's defence mechanism.
Read more about Melatonin here 

Other antioxidants include:
* Vitamin C
* Vitamin E
* Niacinamide
* Green Tea
* Grape seed
* Lycopene
* Resveratrol

Foods, fruits and vegetables can provide us with our daily dose of antioxidants but it is equally important to use supplements with antioxidants to support what we get from food.

Taking overdoses of Vitamins can have serious health implications so it is important to use with caution and doctor's advice.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Lily Johnson

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  1. Heard a bit about anti ox...but this is pretty detailed. Pray tell, what fruits? I wanna go all year without any Meds. I heard green tea is good but I feel my inards are doing a moon walk right after I take it...

    1. Many fruits are really OK and would give you most of what you need when you take them everyday. But you might still need to take supplements. Loooool @what green tea does to you. Sorry about that. I love it!

  2. Are supplements really that necessary,even when we eat fruits that give us the required nutritional benefits?


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