Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waist training with corsets: The Facts and the Myths.

For ages, women have been using corsets for waist training. A smaller waist being mostly the ultimate goal. It is becoming popular among ladies in Lagos and corsets and waist cinchers are being sold with promises of a thinner waistline. Now, I found out that quite a number of people do not read up about stuff that they are about to do. Don't always take a salesman's word for it. Of course he/she might be telling you the truth but you can go online to read reviews and articles about the product to make an informed choice and to know what exactly to expect. Maybe not to the 'T' but at least you will have some useful information.

Here are a few pointers about training your waist.

* No bae, a corset isn't the same as 'body magic' or the popular brand Ardyss. It is not the regular girdle either. So it won't do the same thing.

* Waist training takes a while to see results. Several months of wearing the right corset for at least 19hrs a day. So you will need two corsets so when one is hanging on the line, you are still doing your thing.

* Your corset must be steel boned to make an impact. Not plastic boned. Some ladies are sold corsets with no bones at all with promises. Won't work. And experienced women say for you to get good results, your corset must be custom made. Made exactly for you. In fact, they say buying a corset off the rack won't do much. But if you must, make sure you get one that suits your waist measurement. Get a fitting. Walk into a shop, test it, learn how to tie it before you part with your hard earned cash.

* Know when to stop. Or calm down so you don't do internal damage. Read here to see women who take waist training to the extreme.

Read here and here for more information about waist training.

Have a lovely week.

Lily Johnson.

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  1. Thanks for the training, was just about to go a corset shopping...now i know what to look out for.

  2. WOW... didn't know there is a science to wearing a corset but it makes perfect sense.

    1. Oh there is. Unless you ain't training your waist.

  3. I think I need waist training, but it may be too late?

    1. No it is not Myne. The most important thing is doing it the right way with the right corset. Some people also need to consult their doctor before corset training.

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  7. Thank you so much for this kind and informative post,.
    waist training

  8. This is one of the informative blog I have come across. And, I completely agree with you that women's start using waist corsets as they feel they are gaining. But, it is very important that one must go for proper waist training which can help you in appropriate manner and also makes you look more pretty.

    Great job !!!!!

  9. What size should I get? Do I want to size down in order to have the tightest fit?


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