Friday, March 16, 2012

Generally speaking.....

Hey y’all!

*hugging everyone* Hope you guys have been cool? Well, I have God to thank for everything in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. He has been faithful.
Too many happenings yeah? The bombings in Jos and other parts of the North.  May God protect us all from this inhumanity. I will never understand why anyone would agree to kill himself and other innocent people in such a violent manner. 

The way people [I suspect women] talk about unmarried celebrities like it’s a disease they aint married yet. They just aint married YET. Well since it is now a disease [or something like that] beside alcoholism and drug dependency, this should be a perfect opening at the ‘Yet to be married women meetings’

Hello, I am Lily Johnson. [Hi Lily]
I am a woman of ‘marriable’ age. [That means I am between 18 and 35 years old. Because after 35, the belief is that you are doomed forever.]
But I am not married yet. [Well, since the meetings are for only unmarried women, the participants are not allowed to say awww...]

Marriage is a beautiful thing and of course we all love what it comes with; the lovely rock on that finger [hehehe], the man of your dreams [errr...not all the time if we want to be truthful to our selves] and children [the highest point in marriage for most women]. When a lady isn’t married yet, it doesn’t always mean she has a bad character, has a spiritual problem or cannot keep a man. There are a thousand and one other relatable reasons. Just saying.

Dude, it would be in your best interest to put a ring on it though.

And there is colour blocking. Bold colours are still in and roaring! While some ladies get it right [Not that I am an authority in the thing but at least they look good], others look like circus tricks. And guys are catching up fast too. One guy made me laugh really hard the other day. He said a guy doesn’t have any business with a belt that isn’t black or brown. Quoting him, ‘Dudes be walking around looking like Teletubbies!’

Thank you all for all your comments. 

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And yes she is back!

Lily Johnson

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  1. dear th ecolour blocking thing tire me. ahah...naija ppl sef. the guys are the most ridiculous. with thier red pencil mouth trouser and yellow shirt and blue jacket with some ridiculous hat.
    the marriage thing we take too seriously in dis our naija. until people realise that its not just about wearing ashebi on the wedding day thats when npeople will calm down. and i've noticed that its people who are miserable in their own marriage that look down on single ladies. they envy their freedom.
    its only in naija that you will see a man who beats his wife like shes a punching bag yet her parents wont go and take their daughter back, just bcos they want her to remain married. sadly hundreds of women have died like this.

  2. She's back! good to have you back.
    Ah! Colour blocking smh

  3. @Kiky: My dear, the colour blocking fashion ehn, just pretty funny sometimes. You know how it is with the whole marriage thing. It just puts more pressure on the single women. And yes oo, nobody talks about quality of marriage anymore. Just marry!

    @Toinlicious: It's good to be back honey. The colour blocking is seriously blocking our vision.

  4. Marriage is good but a good marriage is best, forget the pressure.

    As for color blocking, I'm looking for someone to teach me. lol..

  5. @Myne: A good marriage is best! Love the way you said that. When you find the teacher, please let me know. Lol

  6. Marriage sometimes is a personal thing - leave people to their reasons for getting and not getting married. However, it is also a serious thing. If you must be married, be sure to marry the RIGHT person.

    - LDP

  7. @Samuel: You are so right. People should understand that.

  8. Me too, darling ~ 36 and never been married :)

    Lovely runway selections!


  9. @CC: You have such a wonderful personality honey and i'm sure you'll make a man truely happy.

  10. I'm not a fan of bright colors on me. They do look good on some people though. I would not let my husband out of the house in some silly loud color!

    I married the first time at 19, and the second time at 43. My neighbor lady got married last year at 65. Nigeria may be different. Maybe you should move to the US!

  11. @Linda: Yes loud colours can be irritating sometimes Ma. Maybe i would move. Lol

  12. Well said Lily.
    Just yesterday i was talking with a new friend who stated that the best revelation she got at 18 was that 'marriage and childbirth were OPTIONS' not compulsory. So here she is 42 with her partner and absolutely no plans to have kids. I envy her that freedom of decision.

  13. Color blocking? lol. Naija no dey come last naa

  14. This got me laughing : Dudes be walking around looking like Teletubbies!’

    But seriously, people are taking the whole colour blocking to another level...kilode, no be by force to follow trends.

    As regards, the marriage discussions, I am just weak and I just have nothing to say.

  15. Very interesting post and photos.

    Marriage is a personal thing but waiting in the hope of getting the right person is almost an impossibility. This happens only in movies. Partners have to adapt,understand,co operate and carry on without losing their love,devotion and affection for each other. This is easier said than done.

    Without children we will be living only a half life because bringing them up as proper citizens is an herculean effort. And this means a lot of sacrifices from both partners.

    Sometimes men and women are so intensely competing in their professional pursuits that they forget to marry till very late. Becoming parents at an old age is not easy because children need lot of attention and energy from parents. Besides old parents will have to worry about their children when their energy is dwindling and earning capacity is becoming less in their old age.

    Marriage is a commitment from both partners and how many are willing to commit themselves completely to run a family till the end of their days is a question mark these days.

    I enjoyed reading your interesting post.

    Wish you all the best,

  16. For ladies who think they are doomed never to marry at a certain age, they should read up on this interesting post put up by Le Professuer Dynamique:

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