Thursday, October 3, 2013

Laserderm Clinics Ikeja, Lagos: My experience.

In a post I talked about visiting a clinic concerning those acne from hell I suddenly got. I had read about LaserDerm last year online and when I made a call and was told about some consultancy fee of N7,000, I was like ehh no. But since then till now I’m sure I must have spent like ten times that amount on products which were either doing nothing, hit and miss or even worsening the situation.
So I had another reason to give the clinic a try. My dear younger brother has severe acne and it was beginning to affect him emotionally. We both booked an appointment.

The Review

Customer service: If you have been in the situation where a customer service rep is extremely rude to you which happens sometimes, you will appreciate it when you get decent customer care service. The lady at the front desk at LaserDerm is very cool I must say. You’ll feel like you are talking to a friend. Cozy reception area too. It’s all about time with these people so when your appointment is for 1pm, get there by 12:50pm so you can cool off a bit.

The consultation/The Doctors: Ok, after filling a form that educates the doctors on your condition i.e, when it first started, the medications you’ve used you know standard hospital stuff, you still get to discuss your expectations and what is obtainable. They offer a range of treatments and run you through them and advice you on what’s best for you. At the end of the consultation, depending on what you came for, you are given samples of the products you are supposed to start using. A nice surprise. They can even work with your budget. Just be open and honest. The two doctors I met were very friendly, kind and very professional.

The samples/products/procedures: I got samples of Image skincare products; Total, VitalC and Clearcell. Are they effective? Yes. I’ll score the products an easy 85percent. As most high end products, you’ll have to use the range or the essential items there like the facial wash, toner and acne medication or anti-aging serum. You get the gist. I got to know about a microdermabrasion for acne and other procedures. I must have asked 3 million questions and talking at the speed of light but yeah I learnt a lot. The pictures in their adverts are real though. We know some companies put up fake stuff to attract customers. The price of the products and procedures are not too high. We all know how relative cheap and expensive can be. So let’s say, I got a Clearcell Salicylic acid cleanser for N6500. The bottle looks like it’s going to last for at least for 2 months because you don’t need more than a pea size to thoroughly wash your face.

Clear Cell Salicylic gel cleanser. Very good cleanser for acne prone skin

Some of the samples. I got about six of them.

So I’ll say if you have a concern about your skin and you have been trying products and haven’t been seeing a lot of progress, maybe you should save your money and try this clinic. It's located at 33 Akin Osiyemi street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

This isn’t a sponsored post or an advert for the clinic. This is an honest review by a customer.

Have a wonderful weekend people.

Lily Johnson

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  1. This is good to know...may come in handy

  2. Glad you had a good experience :)

  3. Hmmm. Sure wil like to visit even though I do not live in lagos. Tanx for d review,

  4. Dr.D.M. Mahajan is a leading Cosmetic Dermatologist, with an extensive experience of over 25 years. His rewarding career encompasses working in the best hospitals. He ensures to provide the most effective and aesthetic treatments available to his patients. He has gained huge patient trust with his humane, empathetic and friendly nature.

  5. Lily, I suffer a worse faith. My pimples just won't go away. I will like to visit the clinic too but like how much do you think the whole treatment for acne will cost as this is 2015?

  6. Yh like how much for my acne scars


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